FBI Finds Connection Between Gold Bars From Sen Menendez Residence and 2013 Armed Robbery: Report

Shocking revelations emerged as four of the gold bars discovered at Senator Bob Menendez's residence were reportedly stolen from a businessman implicated in the alleged bribery case against the New Jersey Democrat, according to a recent report.

gold bars

The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) found that the serial numbers on some of the gold bars seized during a June 2022 raid on Menendez's Englewood Cliffs home matched those reported by Fred Daibes after a 2013 armed robbery. The heist, which took place in Edgewater, NJ, saw robbers make off with $500,000 in cash and 22 gold bars from Daibes' residence.

In a turn of events, police managed to apprehend four suspects in connection with the 2013 robbery and successfully recovered the stolen gold. The matching serial numbers now provide a direct link between at least some of the gold found in Menendez's home and Daibes, a New Jersey real estate developer and Menendez fundraiser.

Bob and Nadine Menedez

Daibes, currently facing accusations of bribing Senator Menendez for various favors, including interference in a federal prosecution against him, had reported the stolen gold to authorities. Each gold bar possesses a unique serial number, a detail Daibes emphasized during a 2014 investigation, stating, "They're all stamped ... you'll never see two stamped the same way." Moreover, Daibes reportedly signed "property release forms," certifying the stolen goods as his own to facilitate their return.

Senator Menendez, 69, has been under federal scrutiny since September when he was charged with corruption offenses linked to an alleged long-term bribery scheme. The U.S. Attorney's Office for the Southern District of New York accused Menendez and his wife, Nadine, 56, of three conspiracy counts related to a corrupt bribery agreement benefiting the couple, as well as three New Jersey businessmen – Daibes, Wael Hana, and Jose Uribe – and the government of Egypt.

Prosecutors claim that in March 2022, Daibes gifted Nadine two gold bars, each weighing a kilogram, at a time when the value of gold stood at $60,000 per kilogram. Furthermore, Daibes' driver's fingerprints were reportedly found on an envelope containing thousands of dollars in cash recovered from the Menendez residence, according to the indictment. The unfolding developments add layers to the ongoing investigation into the alleged corruption involving Senator Menendez and his associates.

Throughout the FBI's probe into the purported bribery scheme, a total of 13 gold bars and $566,000 in cash were unearthed, with some bills discreetly tucked into the pockets of the senator's jackets.

Despite widespread calls for his resignation, Senator Menendez, steadfast in his denial of any wrongdoing, remains resolute in retaining his Senate position. Notably, these calls for resignation came from fellow Democrats, underscoring the gravity of the allegations.

The accusations against Menendez and his wife revolve around purportedly accepting bribes from Daibes. In return, the senator allegedly wielded his influence to shield Daibes from criminal prosecution, specifically in a bank fraud case. The unfolding scandal continues to cast a shadow over the senator's political career, challenging his resolve to remain in office despite the mounting pressure.