Father-of-Two Killed by Security Guard for Shoplifting 25-Cent Cupcakes from Milwaukee Convenience Store

Isaiah Allen
Isaiah Allen (left) and William Pinkin. Twitter

A petty theft of snack treat resulted in the death of a father of two in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, this month, his family says.

The Aug. 16 incident occurred outside of a convenience store where 29-year-old Isaiah Allen was gunned down by a security guard.

Security Guard Charged with Murder

As reported by Atlanta Black Star, witnesses say Allen was shoplifting a package of 25-cent cupcakes when he was shot twice as he made it outside. Police have charged 56-year-old William Pinkin with murder in Allen's death. The charge carries a maximum sentence of life behind bars.

Local station CBS58 reports that video shows Pinkin had been sitting in the back of the store when he rushed out after Allen as he left the Clark gas station with a box of Little Debbie cakes without paying. The CBS affiliate describes Pinkin as raising his gun and shooting Allen in the head from just a few feet away, then calmly smoking a cigarette and waiting for police to arrive.

Employees at the convenience store claimed that the security guard didn't even work for them and was acting independently. However, the owner of the gas station told police the defendant Pinkin was a man from the neighborhood who worked for the store.

Pinkin Previously Convicted of Killing a Man in 1989

Pinkin had been interviewed by police in June about a robbery at the store and had identified himself. The officers were wearing body cameras which provided clear views of his face, enabling police to identify Pinkin as the shooter in Allen's death, the complaint said.

Milwaukee Police allowed Pinkin to leave the scene on the day of the shooting, but two days later on Friday, Aug. 18, they announced his arrest.

Pinkin turned himself into the police on Friday. Records show he is a convicted killer. A criminal complaint from 1989 said Pinkin shot a store cashier in the face with a sawed-off shotgun while Pinkin and another man were robbing the store.

The gas station is still closed and there were still protesters there Sunday evening. Allen's brother told WISN 12 News family and friends want police to release the video footage immediately. "The end goal here is to wait this thing out until justice is served and everybody is held accountable for what happened," said Pastor Andre Fayne, Allen's brother.