Fans Speculate if Adam Demos Used Prosthesis to Boost His Manhood in 'Sex/Life' Shower Scene

Viewers on Netflix are stunned with Adam Demos' penis size in the soft pornographic web series 'Sex/Life.' The Australian actor went fully naked during a shower scene in the series that has caught the attention of millions.

His full-frontal nude scene has left fans confused and wondering if his penis was actually that huge. Fans speculate Sex/Life' actor Adam Demos used prosthetics to artificially extend the size of his penis. Some think he used a body double for the controversial naked shower scene in the new Netflix series.

Well, ever since Netflix released the sizzling show 'Sex/Life', much has been spoken about the controversial shower moment in Episode 3 of Sex/Life where Demos puts his manhood on full display for everyone to see.

The X-rated Netflix series is all about a sexually frustrated mother named Billie Connelly played by Sarah Shahi, who is married to a handsome and loving husband Cooper played by Mike Vogel. Billie yearns for sexual freedom and the sex-filled party days from her youth.

Adam Demos Penis

In Sex/Life Episode 3, Billie's jealous husband secretly follows his wife's ex-boyfriend and lands at the gym only to become more insecure and jealous after seeing Demos' huge asset while taking a shower in the same bathroom together. That didn't really go well for Cooper, who thought Demos had a small di*k.

Fans Desperate To Know If Adam Demos' Penis Size in Steamy Shower Scene Was Real

Thousands of fans questioned whether Demos' di*k in the steamy shower scene of Sex/Life was real. They ask if the Aussie actor's asset is all-natural or a result of a highly artificial implant. Well, fans never got a definite answer. Sex/Life producer Stacy Rukeyser teased viewers saying, "I can tell you what Adam Demos says about it which is, a gentleman never tells. So, we are leaving that up to the viewer's imagination."

Sarah Shahi and Adam Demos Are Real-Life Couple

'Sex/Life' stars Sarah Shahi, Adam Demos and Mike Vogel in the lead roles. The raw sex scenes and chemistry between Sarah Shahi and Adam Demos in the Netflix show have taken everyone watching the series by surprise. Reportedly, all the actors in Sex/Life had to work with intimacy coordinators while filming the sex scenes for the X-rated series. Shahi and Demos, who play former lovers struggling to move on from their complicated relationship, are also a real-life couple.