Fans impressed by Shirley Ballas' new look after surgery on Strictly Come Dancing

Shirley Ballas returned to the show Strictly Come Dancing after her breast implant surgery. She was praised by fans for her new look on the show.

Shirley Ballas
Shirley Ballas. Twitter/Shirley Ballas

Strictly Come Dancing is reeling on BBC One and competition is getting stiff with each passing day. This is the 17th series of the world's most successful reality television format by Guinness World Record. Bruno Tonioli, Shirley Ballas, and Crag Revel Horwood have joined the show as new faces to judge this season and are carrying out their duties very well. However, recently, Shirley Ballas, who is one of the judges went through a breast implant surgery and that is the reason she was not witnessed around in the past few episodes of the Strictly Come Dancing.

The ballroom dance legend did not want to have the small issue frighten her for life and this is why she decided to undergo surgery to remove implants from breasts when she found out about the growth of a capsule against the odds. She took that abruptly increased breast implant as a sign of possible cancer in the future. The 59 years old although warned the women who are willing to perform any such procedure and advised them to become and feel comfortable in their own skin.

She said, "Don't do what I did. You can't make somebody love you, no matter what you do to yourself. You can get implants, you can get all these procedures, thinking you will be more of a woman for that person. But it does not make a difference." She also added, "If they don't love you, they won't no matter what you do to your appearance. It's learning to love yourself."

Just to let all know, despite all odds, Shirley Ballas has now returned to the dance show. With her return, she is getting praiseworthy messages on social media handles for appearing in a new look on the show. In the recent episode of Strictly Come Dancing, Shirley was noticed wearing a classic formal with old school necktie which charmed the fans and they are already requesting her to be like this only. Strictly Come Dancing is a British television dance contest where celebrities pair up with professional dancers scored by a panel of judges. It airs on BBC one network.