Shirley Ballas reveals she suffered from wardrobe malfunction just before her TV show

Shirley Ballas Wardrobe Malfunction
Instagram grab/ Shirley Ballas

Shirley Ballas revealed she suffered an unexpected wardrobe malfunction just five minutes before entering the Strictly Come Dancing 2019 live show and that made everyone panic on the sets, as they had only 5 minutes to fix things before the cameras went live.

In Shirley's short and sweet words, she said, "everyone was panicking". Thankfully, her sudden and unfortunate wardrobe mishap was prevented as the talented team of designers huddled her and got her dress up and running in the nick of time, just before the cameras went live. She wore a divine looking flowing blue gown and looked stunning and beautiful as usual.

The head judge of the sow, Shirley addressed the issue on Instagram by saying that the zip of her blue gown suddenly broke. "So we've got a little drama here because the zip on my dress has gone and we have to get out there live and the TV doesn't wait for anybody.''

She continued, "I've got these lovely women and they're all waiting in the background and Mel here is panicking and having a panic attack.'' Shirley added in the caption of her post, "@bbcstrictly when your zip goes five minutes before going live on Strictly. Everyone panicking oh dear. #dress #zip #gratitude #panic #strictly."

As soon as she posted the incident on Instagram, a barrage of comments from her followers flowed in. One user wrote, "Noooooooo! That dress looks wonderful though," while the other appreciated the team who got her dress up and running in no time, "Look at those lovely people helping you though!! Don't panic!! It'll all be fine x." Another user joked, ''Hold on to your dress @shirleyballas."

In a recent interview, Shirley was all praises for Strictly Come Dancing 2019 and called the show magical, full of fun, glamour and glitz. "I think it's got everything – it's funny, it's got glitz and glamour. You watch these people go through this emotional journey every single week and what you see is real. It's not staged."