The family of the 75-year-old elderly patient who was brutally assaulted at a Detroit nursing home are angry and have promised that they will "crush" Jaydon Hayden, the African-American man who filmed the video of himself beating the senior citizen before uploading it online.

The 75-year-old elderly patient attacked by Jaydon Hayden on May 15 at the Westwood Nursing Center located on the 16500 block of Schaefer Highway has been identified as Norman Bledsoe. According to the family of the victim, Norman Bledsoe has served as a police officer and was a good man.

Detroit attack

The video of Jaydon Hayden repeatedly punching the elderly who was sleeping at the Westwood Nursing Center before he was pulled out of his bed and violently assaulted has gone viral. Even President Donald Trump expressed his shock after watching the assault video.

The family of Norman Bledsoe too has watched the video and is visibly angry. The Bledsoe family has already sought legal action while the police investigators are probing the matter.

"We (going to) crush you like a grape. It's only a matter of time. It's only a matter of time," Kevin Bledsoe, the victim's nephew told WXYZ.

The family of Bledsoe who is currently at the Sinai-Grace Hospital recovering also are shocked to learn that Jaydon Hayden was quarantined at the facility as he was suspected to have COVID-19. The father of Jaydon told FOX 2 Detroit that his son has mental issues and he also was diagnosed with COVID-19.

"If my uncle is subject to COVID, and now if he has COVID, that's a whole nother (sic) different situation that we're going to have to deal with" Kevin added.

Is Jaydon Hayden A Serial Abuser?

According to a report, a trove of videos has emerged that shows a pattern incriminating Jaydon Hayden of being a serial abuser of the elderly.

Jaydon whose name has also been spelled in some reports as Jayden Haydon, Jadon Haydon or Jaydon Hayden was arrested on May 21. Though the police are yet to file formal charges against the 20-year-old African-American youth, there is a growing call from many who see this as a hate crime.

According to WXYZ, the Jaydon allegedly also had released another video in which he is seen attacking an elderly woman confined to bed.

In the video, Hayden, punches the victim repeatedly in the head, till he is all bloodied.The attacker then pulls the senior citizen off the bed, takes his camera closer to show the victim's bleeding face. He then repeatedly says to the man "get the f**k off my bed."

The video ends with Jayden using a sheet to wipe the man's blood off his face.