Fake Singapore police website tricks people into giving away credit card information

Singapore police has released an advisory warning for users about a fake website that blocks the computer and asks to pay a fine using credit card information to unblock the device

The Singapore Police Force (SPF) warned netizens about a fake police website that is conning victims into giving away their confidential information by blocking their web browser.

On Friday, Singapore police released an advisory stating that cybercriminals are using a web browser's full-screen mode to show the user a Windows 10 desktop image (which would take over the victim's entire computer screen) displaying the fake Singapore Police Force website.

Victims tricked into thinking their computer is 'blocked'

fake singapore police website
A screen grab of the fake Singapore Police Force website. Singapore Police Force

The fake website would then accuse the victim of viewing and disseminating materials forbidden by (the) law of Singapore, such as illegal pornographic material and "block" the user's web browser. The victim is also tricked into thinking that their computer has been blocked because the display, which is actually just a full-screen image, does not allow the user to click on the "Start" menu or open/close applications.

Phishing for credit card information

The website then goes on to inform the victim that the only way to unlock the browser and the computer is by paying a SGD 1,000 fine using a credit card. The user is then duped into giving away his or her credit card details, including card number, name, card expiry date, and card verification value (CVV) on the fake website to pay the fine.

The police noted that such websites are actually phishing sites that intend to extract a victim's personal information and use it to make unauthorised transactions, resulting in monetary losses.

What to do?

The Singapore police clarified that they do not have access to lock a person's desktop or web browser, added that the official SPF website address is www.police.gov.sg. So, for starters, do not trust any other website that claims to belong to the Singapore Police Force. The police also asked netizens to follow the below-mentioned steps should they encounter the fake website:

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