Fact check: Is NASA behind the viral Broomchallenge? Netizens post pictures, videos of brooms standing

Netizens are posting videos and pictures of brooms standing on its own without any support and trending the broomchallenge worldwide. Here is the truth about the challenge

The Broomchallenge is sweeping the internet as social media users are going crazy over the challenge. Thousands of photos and videos have been posted by the users as they try to make their broom stand straight without any support and voila, many were able to do so. Was it a challenge from NASA, is there science behind it? Here is the fact check.

Is NASA behind the challenge?

Broom challenge
Broomchallenge Twitter

The claim involving NASA into the challenge is false. The space research centre has made no such claims, it is just a rumour. Speaking about the claim that broom can stand on its own only during an eclipse, solar system alignment or equinox is also not scientifically proven.

Be it the broomchallenge or balancing an egg during equinox, these are urban legends and can be done anytime if you know the tricks, say experts. According to LSUNow.com (a website of the Louisiana State University), all this started in 2012 in Facebook as users went into a frenzy as they posted pictures of broomsticks standing on their own without any support. The Facebook posts claimed this as the power of vernal equinox and special alignment of planets.

According to Louisiana State University professor (Physics and Astronomy), Bradley Schaefer, astronomically the equinox has nothing to do with balancing brooms, reported liveaboutdotcom. This is just a trick and you can try it irrespective of solar alignment, say experts. Here is how Twitteratis are going crazy over the broomchallenge this year:

Twitter reactions

"Y'all. What is this sorcery. #broomchallenge," wrote a Twitter user. "Scared the shit outta my mom with the NASA #broomchallenge, I didn't think it would work!" looks like children are enjoying it. "Nasa said you can balance a broom due to Solar system alignment. This is witchcraft or science? questioned a Twitterati", blaming NASA now? "I am not that into astrology but this ghost is a Virgo," Is she referring to the cat?

"My whole family is posted up watching this thing go," entire family trying the trick? "Ok. I'm seeing this #broomchallenge. I had to stop by my brother's house & decided to try it. He already thinks I'm a witch, so this is really creeping him out," she thinks it is witchcraft!

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