Videos show residents being locked and welded inside homes over Coronavirus outbreak in China

There has been a change in the front line team assessing the situation with the addition of Xi Jingping's protege

New Twitter videos show that the residents of the country are being locked inside their homes and apartment buildings welded to stop the spread of the virus. The justification over questions asked by the residents of the building was not answered in the videos.

Captions of the tweets read that the residents of the apartment blocks are being locked in while they are left to die. The situation in several places keeps worsening as scientists rush to find a solution for the new coronavirus. The death toll has surpassed the SARS numbers and there have been reports of a death in the US and in Japan.

Another video on Twitter showed a family being locked inside the house. They questioned the authorities by asking them what will happen during the emergency situation and they replied without touching the base of the issue.

New officials in Wuhan to assess the situation

Wuhan Coronavirus
Twitter / Imran Iftikhar

It is unclear if the move to ward off the members of the community is because of the new officials in Wuhan. The government has sent Xi Jingping's security protege and a senior health official to the epicentre of the virus in a move to help the crisis response in the region. This is increasing the political profile of the situation. The netizens have been talking about the inadequate measures by the local authorities and this might also be the reason behind the new task force in the region.

Chen Yixin, secretary-general of the Central Political and Legal Affairs Commission, the Communist Party's top law enforcement body is a part of the team headed to Wuhan. Yixin's presence will bolster the team's image working in the frontline during the new coronavirus pandemic. Another member who is added to the team is National Health Commission deputy director Wang Hejun.

The presence of the central authority in the local regions can change the response from Beijing to Wuhan's situation. People believe that this can assure social stability as well.

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