FACT CHECK: Was Biden Campaign Director Dallas Jones Arrested for Voter Fraud?

The photograph is not of Jones but of actor Cuba Gooding Jr. who was arrested in 2019 for allegedly groping a woman at a New York City bar.

The US Presidential Election 2020 is over and Democrat nominee has been declared the winner. However, neither President Donald Trump has conceded defeat nor has his supporters stopped from making strange claims on social media about voter fraud. In the latest development, a photograph has been doing the rounds on social media claiming that one of the officials of Biden campaign was arrested for voter fraud.

Trump's supporters have been now claiming that Dallas Jones, who is believed to be Biden's campaign director, was actively involved in voter fraud and is now behind the bars. This has over the past few days made Jones a hot topic of discussion on social media, with many trying to find out the authenticity of the claims.

A Desperate Attempt

Trump is yet to concede defeat and has filed several lawsuits, many of which have already been dismissed. However, his supporters are in no mood to stop. In a bid to prove that voter fraud played a major role in this year's elections, a photograph of Jones has been circulating on social media.

The photograph shows police escorting a handcuffed man, who is claimed to be Dallas Jones. The face of the person in the photograph is quite vague, which has left social media users confused if this is Biden's campaign manager. However, on taking a closer look, it solves the mystery.

The photograph is not of Jones but of actor Cuba Gooding Jr. who was arrested in 2019 for allegedly groping a woman at a New York City bar. Gooding has pleaded not guilty to the allegations and to several additional charges of sexual assault and the case is still ongoing. That puts an end to all doubts related to Biden and his aide Jones being involved in voter fraud.

Why Dallas Jones?

Cuba Gooding Jr.
The photograph is actually of actor Cuba Gooding Jr. being arrested by police which appeared sometime in 2019 Twitter

Although it is now clear that the person in the viral photo is not Biden's campaign director but Gooding, many are wondering how Jones' names cropped up. In fact, Jones' name had earlier cropped up during a similar allegation.

Earlier this year in September, conservative activist Dr Steve Hotze and several Republican officials filed a petition with the Texas Supreme Court in an attempt to halt early voting. That petition included accusations from two private investigators that local Democrats, including Jones, who was the Texas political director for Biden's campaign, had engaged in vote harvesting.

However, investigations later revealed that the allegations were not backed by evidence. And much like the last instance, Jones too wasn't arrested for voter fraud in this time around but was just a victim of false claims on social media.

The photograph doing the rounds on social media Twitter
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