FACT CHECK: Trump Donated 13-Year-Old Expired, Yellow Water to Ohio Residents Affected From Toxic Train Derailment?

A viral claim suggesting that former US President Donald Trump gave expired bottles of yellowed water to the families affected by the toxic train derailment in Ohio is found to be baseless. The former president was attending an event at a fire station at the site on Wednesday.

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Trump Distributed His Own Brand's Water

Forbes reported that during his trip to Ohio, apart from 'Make American Great Again' caps Trump brought bottled water, cleaning supplies, and some Goya beans.

Speaking to the crowd, the 45th US President said, "We're bringing in thousands of bottles of water, Trump Water, actually. Most of it, uh, some of it, we had to go to a much lesser quality of water."

Soon after images and videos of pallets of drinking water being unloaded by volunteers surfaced. However, some of the images contained bottles which showed yellowed colored water.

"Trump is grifting the people of E. Palestine pushing his own 'colorful' water," reads one tweet with the image. "These people haven't been through enough apparently. He's telling them to only drink Trump water!"

"A bottle of expired Trump piss yellow water & and an evil red cap. They are saved!! He forgot to toss the adoring death cult a package of paper towels. That bottle of water/hat should last 10 or more years while the GOP, Trump and that greedy Trump Donor CEO grift their deaths," wrote another user.

"Everyone must've been home sick after drinking expired trump water. Well played, Cheeto Jesus, well played," read another.

Here is the Truth

Debunking the claim AP reported that it was an altered image and a reverse image search shows the image being in online circulation since 2015. The water is not discolored in the original picture, reported the outlet.

The outlet further reported that image showed a prank gift from Trump's presidential campaign to that of his rival, Republican Marco Rubio. In a report, CNN claimed that as part of the prank towels and bumper stickers were sent after Trump accused Rubio of drinking water and sweating a lot.

Also, the real water bottles recently donated by Trump to Ohio residents were labeled 'Trump Spring Water', and not 'Trump Ice'.

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