FACT CHECK: Did NBC Report That Vaccinated Have Higher Infection Levels?

A viral meme suggesting that an NBC report claimed that vaccinated people carry a higher virus level, and they are spreading it among unvaccinated people, causing a surge in COVID-19 cases this summer is not completely true. According to the meme, vaccinations are ineffective.

The post, despite being a partial truth, went viral online, discouraging several social media users from getting vaccinated.

The Viral Meme

The viral meme that was posted on Twitter has a screenshot of a report by USA Today. In the post, the media outlet included a reference to the CNBC article that explains why the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) planned to reverse its guidelines to vaccinated people on wearing masks. It reads:

The meme also included a claim by NBC that the vaccinated people are responsible for the surge of COVID-19 cases this summer. They are infecting the unvaccinated people. The post read as below:


What is the Truth Behind This Viral Meme?

The truth behind this viral meme is that there was a report published by USA Today on July 27, and it referenced a CNBC article that focussed on the plans of CDC to reverse its guidelines about wearing masks for vaccinated people.

However, the article also stated that federal officials still believe that only a small number of vaccinated people could transmit the virus to unvaccinated people.

This part of the article was not included in the meme, and it resulted in an unnecessary conclusion.

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As the meme went viral on social media platforms, netizens started debating about the effectiveness of vaccines.


"NEW Data suggests that VACCINATED people have HIGHER LEVELS OF THE VIRUS IN THEM... and are RESPONSIBLE for SPREADING THE VIRUS... for the NEW surge of NEWLY INFECTED people. A VIRUS LIKE THIS should NOT be spreading in the summer. This is a Plandemic", a tweet read.

"If vaccinated people have the virus in their nasal passages at the same or higher, levels as infected people how can the testing distinguish? We will be in gaol forever", another tweet read

"Do we k ow yet if vaccinated people who get a breakthrough infection of the delta variant have higher levels of protection than those who haven't had a breakthrough infection?" A Twitter user wrote.

"CDC recommends people who have had Covid get vaccinated because antibody levels are much higher in vaccinated people compared with Covid survivors. (I'm just a dumb engineer but that's my understanding)", another Twitter user stated.

This article was first published on August 24, 2021
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