Fact Check: Hilarious Video of Afghan Troops Being Trained is Actually Iraqi Forces and Shot in 2007

Donald Trump Jr shared a video clip on his Twitter handle in what looks like Afghan soldiers being trained by American forces. The video shows the soldiers failing to perform basic exercises and jumps, suggesting that their fitness level remained questionable.

The former president's son captioned the video, ''20 years, trillions of dollars, countless lives and limbs and this is the fighting force we trained to take care of themselves after we left. I'm starting to think we've been lied to by a lot of people in government.''

Fact check Iraqi forces not Afghanistan soldiers
Twitter / Donald Trump Jr

Even right-wing commentator from Fox News, Tomi Lahren, retweeted the video and added her own comment saying, ''What's worse is they RUN AWAY & don't even attempt to protect & defend their OWN country. They wait for Big Daddy America to fund & fight their battles. ENOUGH! Get Americans out safely & stop trying to spread democracy to a country that isn't ready for it & likely never will be!''

Fact check: Are They Really Afghan Forces?

However, the hilarious footage is not from Afghanistan and the men in uniform aren't Afghan soldiers either. The men in the video are new Iraqi police recruits and were trying to perform the 'star jumps' during US Marine fitness training and the video was in fact recorded in 2007 at a training camp in Iraq.

The video shows the Iraqi police recruits struggling to understand the idea of a star jump and look unmotivated and lack enthusiasm. The new recruits are seen randomly flapping their arms with no idea of what they're indeed doing.

The American instructor is also seen struggling to make them perform the exercise in the right manner and is amused to see their mental ability to grasp the basic understanding of the exercise and is equally baffled seeing their personal fitness as they're unable to stretch their body in all directions.

Taliban Takeover Of Afghanistan

The Taliban took over Afghanistan in less than a weeks time after American forces pulled out of the war-torn country. The people are now trapped under a ruthless regime that brutally tortures women and children are are doing everything they can in order to flee the country.