FACT CHECK: Does this Photo Show Trump and Jeffrey Epstein Partying with Minor Girls?

Also, some celebrities initially took the photo seriously and reposted it, which added fuel to the fire.

A photo shared online that appears to show former President Donald Trump posing with convicted sex offender Jeffery Epstein and young girls has raised wild theories on social media. The photo appeared just days after a judge unsealed documents in a case filed by Virginia Giuffre against Epstein's accomplice, Ghislaine Maxwell.

The documents also claim that Trump was one of the visitors to Epstein's infamous island. The said photo was posted in a bid to prove that Trump was one of the regular visitors to Epstein's home and enjoyed Epstein's parties. However, the truth is that the photo is completely fake and was circulated on social media to spread misinformation.

Altered Photo

Trump fake photo
The above photo was being circulated on social media that shows Donald Trump with Jeffrey Epstein and a minor girl X

On January 9, 2024, a photo surfaced on X (formerly Twitter), allegedly showing former Trump alongside Epstein and a young girl wearing a crop top. Google reverse-image search results indicated that the photo in question had been shared on various social media platforms, including Reddit, Threads, Facebook, and Chinese-language online forums and websites.

Some social media users raised questions about the photo's implications, with one asking, "Would you still vote for him if your daughter was in this picture?"

Another Reddit user commented on the difficulty of finding the photo on the internet even two weeks ago.

Yes, the doubts about the photo are valid because several indications suggest that the image may have been created using artificial intelligence (AI). Notably, anomalies were identified, such as apparent deformities in the girl's hand and abnormalities in the sleeve of Trump's jacket.

Moreover, through a reverse-image search, a full-size version of the viral image that had been shared on Quora was also found.

The Major Flaws

Trump fake photo
The original full-size version of the photo can be found on Quora which proves that it was AI-generated because of the deformities X

In the original version of the image, further scrutiny revealed additional unmistakable signs suggesting that the photo was artificially manipulated. Examples of these anomalies included the deformed faces of people in the background, Trump appearing to have only one leg, and Epstein seemingly dissolving into the couch.

Several social media users started taking the photo seriously because they saw only half of the original image. The complete photo looks hilarious. Also, some celebrities initially took the photo seriously and reposted it, which added fuel to the fire.

However, it can be concluded that the image is completely fake and was posted to spread misinformation.

Although Virginia Giuffre claims that Trump attended Epstein's parties, there is so far no concrete evidence. Trump did meet Epstein along with his wife Melania Trump and knew him well because there are several authentic photos of the two together but there is no photograph of them together with girls.

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