FACT CHECK: Did Taylor Swift Publicly Say in Video That She Is 'In Love' With Travis Kelce?

The video clip surfaced amid increasing speculation about the relationship between Swift and Kelce.

Did Taylor Swift publicly announce that she is in love with Travis Kelce? Swift and Kelce have been spotted together often over the past month and fans are eager to know if their romantic relationship is official. In October 2023, videos circulated on social media claiming that Taylor Swift had publicly announced her relationship with the Kansas City Chiefs tight end

Since then, social media users have been trying to find out the truth behind the claim and have been debating endlessly. However, the fact is that the claim is false and baseless. Swift and Kelce have been seen together time and again but neither has made their relationship official.

The Viral Claim

Taylor Swift Travis Kelce
Taylor Swift with Travis Kelce X

Earlier this week a video clip started circulating, claiming that the singer made her relationship official with Kelce, allegedly saying, "I'm in love with him." However, there was no supporting evidence to validate this claim, and the story turned out to be false.

The video clip surfaced amid increasing speculation about the relationship between Swift and Kelce. As of now, Swift was seen at four Chiefs games, including two where she sat with Kelce's mother, Donna Kelce.


They were also seen holding hands in New York City on October 14, and both made a surprise appearance on "Saturday Night Live." Despite these visible signs, neither Swift nor Kelce had publicly addressed or commented on their relationship.

The baseless rumor originated from a video posted on the purported celebrity gossip YouTube channel Gossip Tea. The video featured a caption reading, "Taylor Swift Finally Speaks On Her Relationship With Travis Kelce," and a thumbnail claiming that she said: "I'm in love with him."

Without providing a source for its information, the video's narrator stated: "Y'all. Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce are serving up some relationship confirmation. All this time, the couple had us speculating and wondering what was going on. She was going to his games, he was attending her concerts, but we still didn't have any proper confirmation that they were together, and now, we don't have to wait anymore. Because we have official confirmation.'

Completely Baseless

Taylor Swift Travis Kelce
Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce have been spotted together frequently but there is no official confirmation on their relationship X

As of the latest update, the YouTube video had garnered over 208,000 views since its upload on Oct. 28. Additionally, several TikTok videos falsely claimed that Swift publicly discussed her relationship with Kelce, with at least one using Gossip Tea's thumbnail featuring the fabricated quote, "I'm in love with him." Collectively, these TikTok videos accumulated over a million views.

It's crucial to note that there is no evidence supporting the claim that Swift publicly confirmed her relationship with Kelce, let alone making the statement "I'm in love with him."

Hypothetically speaking, even if there were a sliver of truth to the claim, reputable entertainment media outlets would have reported on it, which did not occur.

The claim is entirely fabricated and was done in a bid to generate online engagement, clicks, or views.

Gossip Tea, a YouTube channel based in Thailand, describes itself as a "celebrity drama" channel, sharing "the best and latest celebrity drama and news." The channel has a history of publishing fictional videos featuring thumbnails that falsely claim Swift and Kelce have announced an engagement or are getting married.

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