Chilling Video Captures Moment 14-Year-Old Gunman Is Arrested After He Opened Fire Inside Bangkok Shopping Mall Killing 3 and Injuring 6 [WATCH]

Several shoppers were seen fleeing the premises or seeking refuge in nearby restaurants and shops in a state of fear and panic after reports of over ten gunshots.

At least three people died and six others were injured after a 14-year-old schoolboy opened fire inside a Thailand shopping mall on Tuesday. The gunman went on a rampage with a Glock 19 handgun within the Siam Paragon building, located in the heart of the Thai capital, on a Tuesday afternoon shortly after 4 pm local time, as confirmed by the police.

Chilling videos captured the harrowing incident, with screams and loud bangs filling the air, as terrified shoppers ran for cover. Police confirmed the shooting in the shopping mall, with Police Major General Nakarin Sukonthawit, Commander of Metropolitan Police District 6, understood to have informed local outlet The Standard.

Carnage Inside Shopping Mall

Bangkok mall shooting
The gunman is seen with his hands behind his head cops surround him after he opened fire inside the mall X

Injured victims were seen being carried away from the mall. A special dispatch team swiftly intervened and arrested the teenage gunman.

Several shoppers were seen fleeing the premises or seeking refuge in nearby restaurants and shops in a state of fear and panic after reports of over ten gunshots.

Bangkok mall shooting
The gunman seen being arrested X

Videos circulated on social media captured the chaotic scenes that show people of all ages, including children, rushing out of the doors of the Siam Paragon mall as security guards ushered them out.

An armed police unit soon pursued the teenage shooter, cornering him at the nearby Siam Kempinski Hotel a little after 5 pm. The young shooter surrendered without resistance, and video footage depicted him being led away while wearing a cap adorned with a US flag.

A dramatic video posted on X showed someone on the ground being arrested and were accompanied by the caption, "The perpetrator has been arrested. He surrendered his gun. 3 dead, 2 injured. 1 of the dead was a pharmacist".

Bangkok mall shooting
The 14-year-old schoolboy who opened fire after his arrest X

Numerous police vehicles and several ambulances could be seen stationed outside one of the primary entrances to the shopping center following the shooting. People were continuously being escorted from the mall, and bystanders could be seen walking past, navigating the gridlocked road outside.

The area was heavily impacted and in a state of heightened activity in the aftermath of the shooting.

Bangkok mall shooting
People seen fleeing after the gunman opened fire inside the mall in Bangkok X

Three of the injured victims were transported to King Chulalongkorn Memorial Hospital, and another victim received medical attention at Police General Hospital.

Panic and Chaos

A video has emerged that shows people seeking cover in a dimly lit room within a restaurant. However, the authenticity of the videos could not be immediately verified. Local broadcaster Channel 3 reported sounds resembling gunfire emanating from a bathroom within the mall.

Authorities took the precautionary measure of closing a major nearby transit stop as the evening rush hour started and heavy rain battered the city

Following the initial reports of gunshots, first responders swiftly entered the mall while sirens blared outside.

Witnesses recounted how crowds of people hurriedly vacated the building, adding that the mall, one among several in the area, is a popular destination for both tourists and affluent locals.

Bangkok mall shooting
The shooter seen inside the mall with a gun in his hand X

A witness inside the mall, a Chinese tourist Liu Shiying, told the AP that she saw people frantically running, indicating that someone had opened fire. She recounted that an alarm sounded within the mall, plunging the area into darkness as the lights went out.

Liu Shiying mentioned that she was still taking cover inside the mall during the incident. "We're temporarily hiding. Who dares to go out?"

Police spokesperson Achayon Kraithong said that the national police chief had given orders to deploy officers to manage the area and bring the situation under control. Television broadcasts showed extensive traffic queues outside the mall amid torrential rain.

Prime Minister Srettha Thavisin assured reporters that the assailant had been arrested, and the situation was now under control.