FACT CHECK: Controversial Director Woody Allen Dies in his Brooklyn Apartment at 84

A viral claim stating that 84-year-old actor Woody Allen passed away in his Brooklyn apartment on Thursday evening is found to be fake. The hoax claim credited ABC for the fake piece of information. The controversial director's latest outing, 'A Rainy Day in New York', was recently released after months of legal battle between Amazon and Allen.

In August 1992, Dylan Farrow, the adopted daughter the American film director and actor, had accused Allen of sexually molesting her at their home, an allegation denied by Allen.

Woody Allen
Woody Allen Reuters

Here Is How the Fake Claim Originated on Social Media

The fake claim originated soon after some miscreants shared a photoshopped image of Discussing Films tweeting the death announcement of Allen. The fake tweet crediting the entertainment news network read, "Breaking: Actor Woody Allen passed away Thursday evening in his Brooklyn apartment. He died 'surrounded by those who he loved'. Source @ABC"

woody allen
The photoshopped image claiming Woody Allen is dead. Twitter

Soon after the fake image of the photoshopped tweet went viral, Discussing Film's Editor-in-Chief Jacob Fisher took to twitter to quash the fake piece of the news. "This is such a stinker photoshop, we never posted this lmfaooo. Woody Allen trending because of this is hilarious, but 1) we never use BREAKING: 2) there's no image 3) you can see where the text is photoshopped in This is a terrible fake, how can you fall for this," he tweeted.

According to Snopes, none of the prominent news outlets including ABC hasn't reported about Allen's death or published an obituary for the actor.

Twitter Has a Field Day Over Fake News of Allen's Death

Just a few days ago, the social media was bombarded with the fake news of Canadian rapper Drake's death in a drive by shooting. Twitter had clarified that he was not dead.

The viral claim regarding Allen's death too generated lots of traffic on the microblogging site with many commenting about the same. "Rip everybody getting their hopes up about Woody Allen being dead when he probably isn't," tweeted a user.

"All of Hollywood is sad Woody Allen didn't actually die because whatever weird, disgusting blackmail he has on them to compel them to act in his continually worsening films didn't die with him," wrote another user.

"I like how ppl fell for the tweet about woody allen dying that said he died in "his brooklyn apartment" as if that's a place he would be lmao," tweeted a user.

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