Facebook update targets to connect random people with similar interests

In its latest update, Facebook wants people from different walks of life to connect.

Facebook is living up to its name as a social networking website. In its latest update, Facebook wants people from different walks of life to connect through a shared interest. Part of the update, however, may make some people unhappy.

Facebook on Friday rolled out a new feature that is targeting people around the world of different race, sex, education and background to connect with each other through a shared interest. The latest update goes beyond suggested similar friends but gives users a preview of a common interest.

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However, the update is only available on the Facebook mobile app in select countries, and it has not been confirmed yet when it will be released worldwide.

The new feature works pretty much similar to suggested similar friends. After clicking on the profile of a suggested friend, then tapping "friends", an icon at the top of the screen invites users to "get to know [the user's] friends". The app will then tell users their common interests.

Some common denominator shared are mutual friends, pages liked, events attended, current cities, and workplace. According to Motherboard, this update makes Facebook more like a dating app that connects unknown people to each other.

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Coming with this update is the background colours for text comments, which many users found too gaudy. According to critics, once the social media giant officially rolls out this change, the Facebook news feed in particular will become messy and hideous.