Facebook rolls out new features to make you more social

Facebook is currently beta testing a Tinder-like feature. Check out the details.

Facebook wants you to stay more connected with your old friends and also make new ones. The company, which has been experimenting with several new social features recently, is now rolling out two more new features. These new features lead you to make new friends, know them better and also make plans with your old buddies.

In the first feature, once you tap on a button that reads "get to know [name's] friends" you're directed to a page full of potential connections. Previously, the most prominent way in which Facebook could lead you to new connections was by showing you, your mutual friends. This option digs deeper. It shows you events that you both attended, pages you both like, places you've both worked or lived and more.

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The second feature is more about connecting with the existing friends. According to Motherboard, a new feature is bringing some Tinder-like functionality to Messenger. It lets users connect if they both indicate that they're interested in hanging out.

This feature sends you a notification that reads, "Would you like to meet up with [name] this week?" Once you click on it, you are redirected to a page with the photos of your Facebook friends. The feature promises that your answer will be kept hidden unless both the parties say "Yes." If either of the friends selects "No, Thanks" option, it doesn't proceed further. It is indeed like that swipe-right feature of Tinder, where in order to connect both the parties will need to swipe right.

Currently, this feature is only available to a handful of iOS and Android users of the app in New Zealand and Toronto.