f(x)'s Luna recalls how a bad boy broke her heart

f(x)'s Luna talks about her personal life in the upcoming episode of Juke Bus.

f(x)'s Luna has opened up about her heart break Instagram/hermosavidaluna

South Korean singer, actress and presenter Luna has opened up about her past relationship. During the filming for the upcoming episode of Juke Bus, the main vocalist and lead dancer of South Korean girl group f(x) talked about her heart break.

The singer, whose real name is Park Sun-young, said: "I've had a very painful love before. I dated someone before, and he was a bad boy. At first, I didn't like him that much, but I fell more and more as time passed."

She continued: "However, he was the opposite and pushed me further and further away. I waited for his heart to come back, but I got tired of it and we broke up." Luna later added, "That's when I learned that painful love isn't really love."

Previously, during an appearance on the episode of Hello Counselor, Luna had admitted that she missed her girl group members, while doing solo activities. She said: "While preparing for my solo [debut], I realized once again just how much I value my f(x) members. Doing music should be enjoyable, so I don't know why I got stressed because of part [allocation] or popularity."

Luna also detailed about her aspirations and dreams. She said: "Firstly, becoming an international CCM (Christian contemporary music) artist and secondly, a good wife and wise mother. I want to try making everything you can make with your hands, like soap, blankets, clothes, shoes, and so on."