Oscars 2017: Sam Worthington won't be attending the 89th Academy Awards; Find out why

Sam Worthington's movie, Hacksaw Ridge, has received six Oscar nominations.

Sam Worthington & Vince Vaughn
Sam Worthington and Vince Vaughn in a scene from 'Hacksaw Ridge.' youtube.com/Lionsgate Movies

Actor Sam Worthington, who was the star of films like 'Avatar' and 'Terminator: Salvation,' plays an important role in Mel Gibson's 'Hacksaw Ridge', which has received six Oscar nominations. However, he says he won't be attending the prestigious award ceremony this year and has better things to do.

Speaking to wwd.com, Sam Worthington said he had no intention of suiting up and spending a whole evening chatting with celebs and clapping for winners, instead he would spend quality time with his family. "I don't really get involved in any of that stuff — I hang out with my kid, making a sand castle with my son is a bit more interesting to me, to be honest," he said.

In fact, Worthington finds it strange that people do like to attend such awards ceremonies and parties. "It's weird, some people have always liked that, I like different things about my job other than the glamour," he added.

'Hacksaw Ridge' has been nominated for six academy awards. They are for best picture, best actor, direction, editing, sound mixing and sound editing. At least the star of the film, Andrew Garfield and the director, Mel Gibson will probably be there in a tuxedo at the Dolby Theatre in California on February 26.

Worthington received recognition for his performance in the Australian film 'Somersault,' in the year 2004. In 2009 he was cast as the lead character of James Cameron's 'Avatar.' Following this, Worthington starred in two popular film franchise revivals in 'Terminator Salvation' and 'Clash of the Tityans' remake. Since then, he has appeared in movies like 'Sabotage' with Arnold Schwarzenegger, 'Everest' with another 'Terminator' actor Jason Clarke and many others.

Worthington says that despite not attending the Academy Awards ceremony, he'll watch it from home. "I've got friends who are nominated for stuff, and I'll probably watch because of them," revealed Worthington. "Because when they get nominated or an award, it's recognition from your peers, and I think that's what's great. And someone might have in a sense needed or have deserved that recognition, and that's why I watch," he said, adding "Plus, to see 'em all dressed up, looking pretty and getting the recognition they deserve for their work. That, to me, is what the awards are. Because it's my industry."

Sam Worthington will be a very busy man with four more 'Avatar' movies coming from Director James Cameron, famous for his films 'Terminator 2: Judgement Day,' 'Titanic' and others. Now, obviously, Jimmy Kimmel will be hosting the 89th Academy Awards. "Well I like Jimmy Kimmel, so hopefully he'll do a great job."

His latest film 'The Shack' releases on March 3, this year. Watch the trailer for the movie 'Hacksaw Ridge' below.

This article was first published on February 26, 2017