F-15 chases unidentified aircraft over Oregon skies to find it disappear mysteriously

Even though an F-15C was sent to investigate about the aircraft, nothing was found which added up the mystery surrounding the unidentified flight

North Korea

A mysterious aircraft was spotted across the skies of Oregon with no flight plan or an active transponder identification on Oct. 25, prompting the FAA and North American Aerospace Command send an F-15 up in the sky to ground the intruder but soon the aircraft disappeared.

Many pilots of other aircraft have confirmed the sighting, and according to eyewitnesses, the unrecorded flight became visible on the skies at 4:30 pm during the daylight hours near the California-Oregon border.

The mystery continues

As the details of the aircraft's pilot and the intended destination still remain unclear, many people initially believed that the aircraft was trafficking drugs to Canada. These people also made it clear that this is a very serious issue, as it is a matter of national security.

According to the warzone blog of 'The Drive', the mysterious aircraft was not tracked on radar, nor did it show up on crews' digital traffic collision avoidance systems. The aircraft caused alarm when the continuous efforts of Seattle Center to contact the UFO went in vain.

Soon, the F-15C interceptor of the US Airforce was launched to track the aircraft, but the aircraft made its way north towards the Willamette Valley. The aircraft was not able to be tracked on radar nor did it show up on crews' digital traffic collision avoidance systems (TCAS). "But it was clearly there, although never quite close enough to positively identify what its exact type was," said an entry by Reddit user "Duprass".

Even though the F-15 interceptor had combat search and tracking radar technology aboard, they failed to find the aircraft which add up to the mystery surrounding the unidentified flying object.

Later, the same user left an update saying:

"Update 0500z. Called SEA ARTCC. The gentleman I spoke with said that they initially got alerted to the aircraft from Oakland Center who was painting it on primary [illuminating it with radar but without transponder information]. For whatever reason, they couldn't track it themselves on primary, and that's when I overheard them using airline aircraft to track it visually. The last airplane to see it had to descend into Portland and lost sight of it. The fighters were scrambled out of PDX but flew around for a while and did not find it. And that's that."

Conspiracy theorists consider the new sighting is strange since Oregon is in the north of Nevada's Groom Lake, better known as Area 51, a base for the US Airforce. According to these theorists, UFO sightings are quite common in this area, as Area 51 has been designated a restricted area where US scientists are reportedly conducting studies on aliens and extra-terrestrial lives, among others.

The new aircraft appearance and disappearance is something that the 142nd Fighter Wing would investigate. But other aircraft pilots find it strange that an unidentified aircraft was found flying in the civilian aircraft flight levels for such an extended period of time without getting caught on the radars.

The sighting also points fingers to the necessity of beefing up air security especially after the circumstances that have existed since the 9/11 terrorist attack.