Eye of God? Bizarre cloud formation sparks apocalypse fears in China

God eye
YouTube Screenshot: World Clips

Recently a bizarre shaped cloud appeared in China that compelled many to think that an apocalypse is imminent. The eerie clip of the weird phenomenon was captured by an Inner Mongolia resident that showed an eye-shaped cloud formation.

The sun could be seen in the middle of that weirdly formed cloud while shining like the cornea. The witness, who captured the video, said, "lao tian you yan'', which means 'God has eyes." The clip was originally captured on June 25, 2018, and it gained popularity after it was shared by people in Chinese social media platforms.

Even though the video became viral, Chinese authorities have not given any explanation about this rare cosmic event. However, residents in this area made it clear that they have seen such kinds of unexplainable events in the past too.

Many local residents revealed that they have spotted three suns in the skies in the recent past. These revelations have made conspiracy theorists think that an apocalypse is imminent. As per these theorists, the appearance of three suns on the skies is an indication that killer planet Nibiru is arriving to trigger devastation in the planet.

Conspiracy theorists believe that these kinds of bizarre sightings will not be visible in the United States, as the government is spraying harmful chemtrails in the skies to hide the visibility of Nibiru and other space bodies.

Christian extremists have also joined the party, and they have started claiming that these sky events are the signs of the upcoming blood moon. As per these extreme believers, the blood moon on July 27 will be the longest one in the 21st century, and it will trigger natural disasters in all corners of the globe.

However, experts have debunked these claims making it clear that the change in colour of the moon is actually not happening. Experts added that it is a phenomenon called Rayleigh scattering is responsible for the moon's red appearance from the earth. It should be noted that Rayleigh scattering is also the same effect which turns the sunset orange and the sky blue.

This article was first published on July 6, 2018