Expert knows how soon killer asteroid will wipe out life from earth's surface

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Earth, the planet in which we live lies in the most habitable zone of our solar system. However, on several occasions, killer asteroids have wiped out life from our planet and the last known hit occurred 66-million-years ago, which was supposed to be responsible for the extinction of dinosaurs. Even now, doomsday mongers believe that the apocalypse will be triggered on earth anytime soon, as either the killer planet Nibiru or a gigantic asteroid hit our planet with its full fury.

It should be noted that world's leading space agencies including NASA are constantly monitoring the space activities, and they have deployed sufficient technologies to detect any asteroids which may be heading towards earth. But last week, a small meteorite named ' ZLAF9B2' hit the skies of South Africa and NASA detected it just nine hours before the impact which is undoubtedly an alarming sign.

However, Mike Murray, astronomer and Delta College planetarium manager believes that space agencies will detect large rock bodies months or years before it is going to make an impact, reports. He also added that no countries have developed such technology to eliminate the collision of an asteroid with earth.

As per Murray, there are two possible ways by which the course of an asteroid can get deviated before it hits the earth. The first way is to fly a huge spacecraft alongside the asteroid. It should be noted that even a small gravitational attraction between the spacecraft and asteroid could steer it away from the earth.

The astronomer made it clear that the technique of blowing up asteroids which we have seen in movies like 'Armageddon' will not work in a real-life scenario. If we successfully blow up an asteroid, it would again reach the earth as smaller pieces which could still be a problem.

It should be noted that NASA has not detected any threatening space body which could hit the earth in the near future and it indicates that our planet is safe at least for the next few years.

In the meantime, Tyler Glockner, a conspiracy theorist who runs the YouTube channel 'Secureteam10' has sensationally claimed that the asteroid which burned up in South Africa may not be an asteroid. As per Glockner, the object which was spotted in the South African skies might be a UFO making a close flyby. He added that there was no meteor debris recovered from the crash site.

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