Expert Claims 'This' Sound Can Trigger Orgasm Among Women

Experts believe that sounds at this frequency could help people to improve their empathy and spiritual health

sound orgasm

Several experts believe that low frequency sounds at 33hz offer perfect ambiance for meditation. Sounds at this frequency is also called the Frequency of Great Pyramid, as the main chamber of the Pyramid is believed to hum at the same frequency. And now, artist Mark Vagner has claimed that the same frequency sound has that unique knack to trigger orgasm among women.

Sonic Orgasm

Understanding the ability of sounds at this frequency, Vagner has also built an art installation, which he has named Sonic Orgasm. As a part of this program, Vagner invites ladies to sit in a specially designed chair fitted with loudspeakers. The artist believes that the ideal clitoral frequency of sound is 33hz, and it is capable of triggering extreme orgasm among females who take part in his program. Vagner is also hiring his chair to his esteemed clients so that they can enjoy orgasm from the comfort of their homes.

"The 33Hz is reported to be the frequency most likely to trigger an orgasm. It was 'discovered' in 1992 when a car dealer in Daytona Beach, Florida organized an experiment to find the most 'stimulating' frequency using a tone generator and an in-car subwoofer. The ideal clitoral resonant frequency averaged at 33Hz and can be adapted for the male genitals.

The number 33 is also a number of esoteric significance, present in many mythologies and numerology. "For me, It is related to energetic nodal points pertaining to the Kundalini and crystallized by our 33 vertebrae," writes Vagner on his website.

The Bliss of Christ Frequency

Sounds at this frequency is also called the Christ Frequency. In the Advanced Mind Institute website, it has been revealed that sounds at this frequency often help to improve the empathy of an individual. These sounds also help a person to achieve a higher spiritual realm when compared to normal people.

"This meditation program attunes your mind to the frequency of 33Hz. This frequency is called "the frequency of the Great Pyramid" or "the Christ frequency." The 33 Hz frequency is a harmonic of the Schumann Resonance.

The 33Hz frequency is in perfect sync with sacred geometry, allowing users to improve empathy, and develop their own spiritual practices and identity. 33Hz attunement is used to get in touch with higher spiritual planes," says the Advanced Mind Institute.