EXO's Chen has announced marriage to his fiancée; couple expecting their first child

Chen, who must enlist in the military this year as he turns 28, will be the first EXO member to get married

Chen, member of the South Korean boy band, Exo, has announced that he is getting married to his long-time fiancée, who is also expecting his first child.

The 27-year-old made the announcement through a statement issued today. Calling his fiancée as the woman with whom he wants to spend the rest of his life, the K-Pop singer revealed the news to his fans via a handwritten letter posted on LYSN.

Chen wrote a heartfelt letter to his fans

Chen whose real name is Kim Jong-dae received a lot of support from EXO fans, popularly known as EXO-Ls. In his statement, the singer wrote: "I wanted to tell our fans this first as you have given me such great love, I am writing this message even with flawed phrases. I have a girlfriend with whom I want to spend the rest of my life. Although worries and concerns came first when [thinking] about the situations that will follow this decision, but because I wanted to inform this sudden news as quickly as possible to my members, company, and especially our fans who are proud of me, so you all won't be shocked."


"In the midst of that, a blessing came to us. Because the situation became one where I couldn't do the things I planned with the company and members, I was quite taken aback, but I also found strength through this blessing. I am very thankful to my members who sincerely congratulated me after hearing this news, and I deeply thank our fans who send me overwhelming love even though I am flawed. I will never forget my grateful heart, I will always try my best from my position without change, and I will repay the love you gave me. Thank you always," he wrote.

Who is the lucky girl?

The confirmation of the statement issued by Chen was made by SM Entertainment who went on to reveal that Chen's fiancée is a non-celebrity. The entertainment managing company further said that the couple would be tying the knot in a private ceremony in the presence of family members and close friends. However, neither Chen nor the SM entertainment company divulged more details about the fiancée or when the baby is expected to arrive.

Chen, who must enlist in the military this year as he turns 28, will be the first EXO member to get married. Considered as the main vocalist in the band, he made his debut in 2012. In April last year, Chen came out with a solo ballad EP, April, and a Flower, and went on to belt out a second single, Dear My Dear.