EXO's Chen Announces Military Enlistment, Says Goodbye to Fans Via Handwritten Letter

Chen will be the fourth member from EXO to get enlisted for his military service, following Xiumin, DO, and Suho

Chen, member of the popular South Korean boy band, EXO, penned a handwritten letter to his fans announcing his mandatory military service enlistment.

The 28-year-old singer shared the letter onEXO's official fan community, Lysn, in which he revealed he would be joining military service later this month.

Chen to Enlist on Oct. 26

EXO's Chen,
EXO's Chen Twitter

According to Soompi, Chen's letter, translated in English, reads as follows:

"Hello, this is Chen. Are you all doing well and staying healthy these days, when the daily temperature swings are especially severe?"

"The summer heat has passed, and in the blink of an eye, it's already autumn. The reason I'm writing to all of you today is to inform you that I'll be enlisting in the military on October 26 and to at least say goodbye to you through this letter."

"During my time in service, I will do my utmost to fulfill my duties in good physical and mental health, so that I can show you growth and improvement when I return and greet you again. In that time, I hope that all of you will also stay as beautiful and healthy as you are now!! I'm always grateful to you, and I love you."

Chen's handwritten letter
Chen's handwritten letter announcing his military enlistment. Twitter

Chen will be the fourth member from EXO to get enlisted for his military service, following Xiumin, DO, and Suho. The place and time of enlistment is not yet known, but SM Entertainment, the agency that represents him, said the details will remain private.

Fan Reactions

For the unaware, all able-bodied male citizens of South Korea between the age of 18 and 28 are required to serve in the military for two years.

As soon as news of Chen getting enlisted in the military broke, his die-hard fans took to social media to express their feelings.

"Our dearest Chen , you're the most precious thing ever happen to us . please serve well . we will always support your choice . please take care of yourself and be home safely," wrote on user on Twitter.

"When i said i want to receive letters, this is not what i meant dhsjsfdj," commented another. "Already missing u!! We are one! #CHEN," tweeted a third user.

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