EXCLUSIVE: Musicians in Europe reveal how they are coping with home quarantine amid COVID-19 crisis

The musicians Sasha Zagorc and Anna Mylee revealed about on how they are dealing with the Coronavirus pandemic

Coronavirus is wrecking havoc all over the world and Europe is on the brink of disaster, as positive cases are spiraling out of control. In Italy, 4,032 people lost their lives and 47,021 people have been tested positive and hospitalized.

In Spain, 1,093 people have died and 21,571 have been tested positive. Europe has shut its borders to international flights for a month to control and contain the spread of the virus.

Facebook / Hellcats

The musicians in Europe spoke exclusively with IBTimes Singapore about how they're coping up with being quarantined at home and thankfully, they're all taking every necessary precaution seriously to curb the spread of the deadly virus.

Sasha Zagorc, Bassist of Hellcats (Slovenia)

Sasha Zagorc Hellcats
Facebook / Sasha Zagorc

The bassist of the Slovenian band Hellcats, Sasha Zagroc told IBTimes Singapore that she and her band mates have been home quarantined for 14 days and are in isolation and away from people. Their last concert was on March 7 and a few days later the lock down began across the country.

''We are from Slovenia, our country is the neighbor of Italy where the situation about Coronavirus is really bad at the moment. Italy overtakes China's death toll.'' Sasha added, ''Our country is in quarantine at the moment that means no concerts, no school, work from home and we are required to be in quarantine for 14 days. We are healthy but we are in isolation and should keep away from other people as much as possible.''

She spoke about her latest concert which was a hit and saw lots of people in attendance but things will not remain the same anymore due to the pandemic. ''Our last concert was on March 7, the festival of all girl bands - Dan Rock Zena. Me and my sister-the drummer of Hellcats are organizing it every year. We were lucky that the festival was a success and many people came. But after that weekend the situation went bad with Coronavirus so all other concerts were canceled.''

Anna Mylee, drummer of Dorja (United Kingdom)

Anna Mylee Dorja
Facebook / Anna Mylee

The drummer of the UK-based band, Anna Mylee, revealed that the government is not taking care of people's needs, leaving them with little or no income during the Coronavirus crisis. She said, ''With all our gigs and teaching cancelled, it leaves most of people like me with no income at all and the government seems very unclear on how they intend to help us. Needless to say that it is hard to keep our head up but life goes on and we have to find ways to make it work.''

Anna stated that she's now setup an online teaching streaming to stay through these testing times and will use the quarantine period to write new music. ''I have set up an online streaming teaching set up at home and I am hoping most of my weekly students carry on the lessons this way. And of course, I use my spare time to write music and practice drums which keeps me sane.''

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