EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: Nibiru fame David Meade talks about Planet X, Illuminati, NASA's silence and USSR nuclear program

An exclusive interview with Nibiru researcher David Meade, where he opens up about Nibiru, Planet X, Illuminati, NASA cover-up and the USSR nuclear program.

David Meade
David Meade

The name David Meade is now very familiar with people who believe in Nibiru alias Planet X, the rogue planet that is allegedly set to cause the end of the Earth. The self-proclaimed Christian numerologist initially shot to fame when he predicted the doomsday to happen on September 23.

As the day went off uneventfully, Meade later claimed that October 15 has triggered Armageddon on the planet, and added that we are now going through a seven-year tribulation period where Earth will witness natural disasters like earthquakes, volcanic eruptions and massive tsunamis.

IBTimes Singapore recently got in touch with David Meade, and he gave his version regarding the end of the world which he insists will happen soon. Here's the full interview:

IBTimes SG: You have predicted that October 15 might trigger the Armageddon but later changed it to a safer prediction that the world is going through a seven-year tribulation period. Why?

David Meade: The media doesn't understand the End of Days. The Day of the Lord is not the end. It is the beginning of the Messianic Age. It will be followed by the Millennium, a period of 1,000 years of peace. It's really good news from that perspective. It's all right there, in plain sight. God is on the side of Israel. But during the Tribulation, they are attacked by their enemies. But there's good news – in the Book of Revelation, in the battle of God vs. Satan, Jesus wins. The 1,000-year Millennium follows. The generation that sees Jerusalem is the "terminal generation" that will see the coming of the Messiah.

When John, 2000 years ago on the Isle of Patmos, saw Jesus, he was shown this Sign – this year – this fall of 2017. It is unmistakable. It begins the Jewish New Year of 5778 – located at the start of October and extending for twelve months. This is the year I believe the seals will unfold.

Nibiru is a major part of the Trumpet judgments of the Day of the Lord. It's a real, physical system that spins off asteroids that impact, according to the Book of Revelation 1/3 of the earth during this period.

Why are you unable to predict the exact date in which Nibiru will hit the Earth?

I believe the Day of the Lord is fast approaching. We are in the "birth pangs" period. It could commence quite shortly, but the Book of Revelation is written in non-linear sequence. Hard to say an exact month and day. We are in the season.

Is Planet X capable of wiping out all life forms from the Earth?

It's not an extinction-level event, as Hollywood depicts it. But it will affect up to one-half of the population, particularly on the coasts.

Recently, Indonesia's Mount Agung has erupted raising massive fumes of the cloud to the sky. Does this have something to do with your Nibiru prediction?

Yes – in Bali they are evacuating as we speak, close to a hundred thousand people. The airport is closed. People are trapped on the island. Nibiru has an electromagnetic effect on the sun, and therefore the earth. The core heats up and displaces magma.

The Villarrica Volcano is seen at night from Pucon town

Earlier, a conspiracy theorist named Matt Rogers claimed that Governments all around the world are spraying chemicals on the sky to hide the rogue planet. What is your view on chemtrails?

Let's look briefly at just one example. This is the mother of all black operations – Indigo Skyfold. Its purpose – weather modification and warfare, and the cover-up of the Second Sun – Planet X. They accomplish the latter by aerosol spraying at sunrise and sunset, the two times of the day when Planet X can be observed. They concentrate their operations in highly populated areas.

The aerosol spraying is called chemtrails. These are different from contrails, which are created by commercial aircraft. The pilots are told a cover story – it's a Greenhouse gas/global warming mitigation strategy. If they delve too far or ask questions they risk court-martial. They prefer keeping their salaries.

What do chemtrails consist of? Primarily selenium, aluminum, thorium and barium processed into sub-micron particles and ionized with a special electric charge.

NASA has ruled out the existence of Nibiru, calling it an Internet hoax. What is your response to NASA and the US Government?

That's called disinformation – it's as old as history. We'll eventually get 40 days of advance warning. Each nation will inform its own citizens.

Many of your critics claim that you are making these predictions to gain popularity for your book, 'Planet X'. What is your reaction?

Education is critical. Planning and strategies are highly important. Reading my book has extreme value – much more so than watching a late-night TV program.

What is your view on Illuminati and fictitious elite world order which is allegedly ruling the world invisibly?

In the intelligence community, it is taught that the best way to hide something is to place it in open view. That's where the New World Order infrastructure is right now. Democracy as we know it in Britain and the US is only a few hundred years old. The majority of Europe and the rest of the world has been ruled by powerful elites with absolute power. Domination is by means of force. The high cabal of the New World Order would like to see this model reinstituted.

The Royal Institute of International Affairs functions at the behest of the British monarchy. They have spun off their American counterparts – the Council on Foreign Relations and the Trilateral Commission. The Bilderbergers are their creation. Hundreds of humanistic study institutes in the US also promote their theories.

The Committee of 300 is comprised of a hierarchy of the Freemasons, the American Eastern Liberal "Establishment," the European Nobility, the Order of Skull and Bone and the Illuminati.Their interest is in the eradication of the middle class. They desire only rulers and servants. 'No national boundaries' is their mantra. The U.S. Constitution is a major stumbling block for these people.

Stalin kept the USSR heavily armed with conventional and nuclear forces because he did not trust this group. Putin understands the threat as well and has brought the Soviet Union to an apex of nuclear strategic capability. Some researchers get off track since the Intel agencies of several countries encourage and promote off-the-wall groups, such as New Age, Zen Buddhism and Yoga. These are not the prime focus – these are distractions.


MI6, as it's currently operated, dates back in time to 1911. It was under the leadership of Sir Mansfield Cumming, formerly a captain in the Royal Navy. He was always identified by the letter "C." The "M" in James Bond began from this bit of history. The New World Order controls, through huge South African conglomerates, world diamond mining and gold sales and distribution. They predominantly control titanium, copper, iron-ore, uranium, platinum and other precious metals and minerals, many of which have major strategic value.

The Committee of 300 is the only power in the world today that transcends all governments. I could name a prominent think tank they control here in the US, but you probably know who it is. This think tank controls US policies at multiple levels. Why do some of these people call themselves "Illuminati?" Adam Weishaupt was a Jesuit professor of canon law when he founded this movement. It is derived from Lucifer and means "holder of light."

A Rhodes Scholarship, therefore, can be viewed as a portal through which this European philosophy is transmitted to individuals of "promise" who qualify. I believe Jack Kennedy, during his term of office as President of the US, at some point became a Christian and all of this was revealed to him by close advisors. He tried in vain to warn the people of the US twice that the Office of the President was manipulated by the Council on Foreign Relations / Illuminati. He put a temporary stop to the "borrowing" of Federal Reserve Notes from the Federal Reserve Bank and began issuing US Notes (interest-free), based on the credit of the United States. It was this action, among others, that caused him to become a target of the New World Order.

The New World Order prefers men in high office who are stooges, without honor and scruple, and most of all without conscience. Some of these men are obviously vulnerable to blackmail. I can think of a number of them. That way they are easy to manipulate.

The Intelligence Community's media assets are extensive – do a search on Operation Mockingbird if you want to find out how extensive they are.

Do you believe in extra-terrestrial life and alien existence?

Not really – I believe UFOs are intra-dimensional. It's a manifestation of the spirit world.

Tell us more about your book....

In Section 1, we take the reader through a 5,000-piece jigsaw puzzle and explain a diversity of events that are all really related. I call this Section "The Mysteries of the Universe." You can see the contents of each topic in the Table of Contents. You don't have time to spend a couple of years researching them, so I have.

In Section 2, the reader is guided through the field of EMP warfare, EMP effects of major solar flares and the science behind it.

Section 3 of the book is another topic entirely. In 2001 it was announced $2.3 trillion was missing from the Pentagon's budget. Several years later that unexplained deficit was $6.5 trillion. How many Deep Underground Military Bases (DUMBS) do you think you can build with that type of black ops budget? At least a 100. How many do you need for nuclear protection – a couple, maybe? What are the rest for? Planet X is the only answer.