Something big exploded in New York skies triggering alien invasion fears

Red sky featured with explosion sounds on the backdrop triggered alien invasion fears among people in New York.

New York Red Sky
YouTube video Screenshot: Third Phase of Moon

Conspiracy theory channel 'third phase of moon' posted a video titled 'Something Big Exploded Over New York' on YouTube, and it is now trending all around social media platforms. The video clearly features red skies above New York which made people think that it is a signal of a possible alien invasion. The YouTube channel has also posted a similar video which is reportedly shot from Ohio, 600 miles away from New York.

Is it northern lights?

According to reports, the video was taken by a motorcyclist during a night ride. Even though many people believe that it is the Northern lights which resulted in these creepy visuals, alien fanatics Blake and Brett Cousins who run 'third phase of moon' strongly claim that something big has exploded in the skies above New York.

"This is not just a mere flash. This thing sustains its illumination. It is not going in and out, it is like something just blew and is holding it", said the narrator of the video. As per the video, the sighting was shot on November 22, 2017, and it happened for more than 15 minutes.

According to the narrators of the video, these lightings are not Aurora Borealis, and they are very strong, intense, and strange.

Speculation over bizarre sighting

Soon after posting the video, it went viral, and as of now, it has been viewed more than 1,30,000 times. People who have watched the video are now coming out with some weird theories about the sighting. One YouTube user named 'reb s' commented that the red color in the sky is due to the emission of iron oxide from Planet X.

"There is a UFO in the clouds giving off a red light, pretty simple explanation," posted a user named Panda Nuke.

Another YouTube user Joshua Manson has given a more believable explanation to this phenomenon. According to Manson, these lights are nothing but Northern lights, and when they appear in lower latitudes, these lights appear in red instead of the characteristic blue and green and yellow colors.

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