Ex-4Minute HyunA releases new mini album 'Following'

HyunA released her sixth mini album titled "Following," which contains five tracks including the title song "Babe."

HyunA on 'Simply K-pop' Twitter

HyunA, the former member of Korean girl group 4Minute, is back with a new album.

She released her sixth mini album titled "Following," which contains five tracks including the title song "Babe."

HyunA participated in producing the album, working with musicians such as Shinsadong Tiger and E'Dawn in writing the lyrics of all the songs.

"My purpose of making the album is to share music I like with people who have the same tastes as mine. And I pursue what I think is the most trendy music at the moment. If I can get one or two people to like my song, I am satisfied," HyunA said, according to the Korea Times.

In May, she joined Pentagon members Hui and E'Dawn under the group Triple H and released the album "199X" with lead track "365 Fresh."

In making the songs for her new album, she said she used an analogue modular synthesizer in the instruments to make it sound heavy and thick.

"Rather than having an explicit style of music, I tried to do what I can do best. Babe also received two different responses. One side tried to find the appeal of the song and the other side was confident about how I perform the song. I think the rest of my albums will be the same. I hope people become more curious about my album," she added.

In the photobook that came along with the album, HyunA is pictured without any makeup.

"I wanted to leave the most natural look of myself as a 26-year old. If I've shown strong images of myself in previous albums, I tried to ease that look and show a more natural side of me. It was fun work," she said.

From February to March this year, she went to the US and Canada for her "HyunA: The Queen's Back" tour that was held in cities like New York and Los Angeles.

She said she was nervous performing as a solo singer but it was gone when she started her show.

"As soon as I began my first show, I let go of my worries watching how my fans supported me. I was touched and thought I wanted to come back to hold concerts again there. These days, I like both big and small stages. It is my great pleasure performing in front of my fans and I enjoy it a lot. I am not good at expressing my feelings but I really thank those who appreciate my love for them," said HyunA.

While other sings branch out into acting, HyunA said she would rather not.

"Have you imagined me acting in a TV drama? I have, when I was young. But I am a very realistic person and I want to be perfect on the musical stage in the first place. I think I am more chicken-hearted than I thought. To be honest, I am scared of acting and moreover I want to be perfect on the musical stage first," she said.