Former 9MUSES member Moon Hyuna posts adorable letter to fans about upcoming wedding

Hyuna's agency Daynite Records revealed that her fiancé is a businessman.

Moon Hyuna
Former Nine Muses member Hyuna Instagram/moongom119

Former 9MUSES member Moon Hyuna has opened up about her upcoming nuptials. The 30-year-old singer wrote a handwritten letter to fans, which she posted on her social media account.

Hyuna's agency Daynite Records revealed that her fiancé is a businessman, who is seven years older to her. The couple dated for a long time, before deciding to get married. They will tie the knot on September 3, in Cheongdam of Gangnam District.

In the handwritten note, Hyuna said: "It's nearing a year since I've decided to walk a different path from being an idol. I am always thankful to fans who cheer me on in my path and walk with me. I am writing this to let my fans, who have been through thick and thin with me, know about an event in my life."

"I should have let you know earlier, but because this is my first time, I had no idea how to start, and after pushing it back further, you had to find out through news articles, which I sincerely apologize for. You must all know, but I am planning on living a more fun life from now on beginning this September, because I've met someone whose loyalty, morals, and views are similar to mine," she added.

"It feels like I'm exploring the most unknown territory of all the challenges I've taken on in my life. Even though I'm both worried and excited, we will do our best to solve problems wisely and live happily. I will also show you myself constantly improving through music. Thank you and thank you," Hyuna shared.