Euro 2016: How to watch live stream online without cable subscription

Avid football fans can now watch the Euro 2016 via online live-streaming without cable subscription.

UEFA Euro 2016 is expected to kick off on 10 June in the host-country France as the global football fraternity awaits the unveiling of the extravaganza with the hosts taking on Romania in the opener. The defending champions Spain will be in contention for another title shot in the fifteenth edition of the tournament having secured three championship titles.

The latest edition of UEFA Euro will feature a total of 24 teams as opposed to 16 in the previous editions. With civilian security being of utmost importance France has launched a terror alert app for iOS and Android ahead of the Euro tournament to ensure the safety of the supporters at the European extravaganza.

Those who wish to watch the live-streaming of the Euro football can now enjoy the event online without a cable subscription. For the benefit of die-hard football fans, CutCableToday has offered two quick-fix solutions:

Sling TV

One can sign up for a basic $20 monthly subscription with Sling TV to enjoy uninterrupted access to all UEFA Euro 2016 matches via ESPN and ESPN2 channels online. The best part is that the subscription is not tied to any contractual obligations and you can terminate the connection whenever you decide to do so.

You can also avail Spanish commentary via ESPN Deportes if you subscribe for the Best of Spanish TV package at an additional $5 per month.

The Sling TV live-streaming service will be available on numerous devices including iPhone, iPad, PC, Mac and Android devices. Alternatively, you can use streaming media players like Chromecast, Amazon Fire TV, Fire TV Stick, Xbox One and Roku.

Sling TV brings you a 7-day free trial for watching all the matches in the first week of Euro 2016 before you opt for your favourite subscription plan.

PlayStation Vue

PlayStation Vue also offers a monthly subscription pack at $30 which is a bit expensive than the Sling TV. However, you get access to more than 55 channels in addition to ESPN and ESPN2 with this package.

In terms of device compatibility, the PlayStation Vue offers limited options including PS3, PS4, iPhone and iPad, besides streaming media players like Amazon TV, Fire TV Stick or Chromecast for playback on TV.

The PS Vue also offers a 7-day free trial along the lines of Sling TV. So, you can enjoy the matches for the first week at no cost before you decide to subscribe for your favourite package.

Check out the complete schedule and itinerary details for the UEFA Euro tournament starting 10 June with timings listed in Eastern Standard Time (EST):

Group stage
Friday, June 10France vs Romania3 pmESPN, ESPN Deportes
Saturday, June 11Albania vs Switzerland9 amESPN, ESPN Deportes
Wales vs Slovakia12 pmESPN, ESPN Deportes
England vs Russia3 pmESPN, ESPN Deportes
Sunday, June 12Turkey vs Croatia9 amESPN, ESPN Deportes
Poland vs N. Ireland12 pmESPN, ESPN Deportes
Germany vs Ukraine3 pmESPN, ESPN Deportes
Monday, June 13Spain vs The Czech Republic9 amESPN, ESPN Deportes
Ireland vs Sweden12 pmESPN, ESPN Deportes
Belgium vs Italy3 pmESPN, ESPN Deportes
Tuesday, June 14Austria vs Hungary12 pmESPN, ESPN Deportes
Portugal vs Iceland3 pmESPN, ESPN Deportes
Wednesday, June 15Russia vs Slovakia9 amESPN, ESPN Deportes
Romania vs Switzerland12 pmESPN, ESPN Deportes
France vs Albania3 pmESPN, ESPN Deportes
Thursday, June 16England vs Wales9 amESPN, ESPN Deportes
Ukraine vs N. Ireland12 pmESPN, ESPN Deportes
Germany vs Poland3 pmESPN, ESPN Deportes
Friday, June 17Italy vs Sweden9 amESPN, ESPN Deportes
The Czech Republic vs Poland12 pmESPN, ESPN Deportes
Spain vs Turkey3 pmESPN, ESPN Deportes
Saturday, June 18Belgium vs Ireland9 amESPN, ESPN Deportes
Iceland vs Hungary12 pmESPN, ESPN Deportes
Portugal vs Austria3 pmESPN, ESPN Deportes
Sunday, June 19Switzerland vs France3 pmESPN, ESPN Deportes
Romania vs Albania3 pmESPN2, ESPN Deportes
Monday, June 20Slovakia vs England3 pmESPN, ESPN Deportes
Russia vs Wales3 pmESPN2, ESPN Deportes
Tuesday, June 21N. Ireland vs Germany12 pmESPN, ESPN Deportes
Ukraine vs Poland12 pmESPN2, ESPN Deportes
Croatia vs Spain3 pmESPN, ESPN Deportes
The Czech Republic vs Turkey3 pmESPN2, ESPN Deportes
Wednesday, June 22Hungary vs Portugal12 pmESPN, ESPN Deportes
Iceland vs Austria12 pmESPN2, ESPN Deportes
Italy vs Ireland3 pmESPN, ESPN Deportes
Sweden vs Belgium3 pmESPN2, ESPN Deportes
Second round: Matches take place on June 25, 26 and 27.
Quarterfinals:Matches take place on June 30, July 1, 2 and 3.
Semifinals:Matches take place on July 6 and 7.
Final:The championship match takes place on Sunday, July 10 at 3 pm on ESPN and ESPN Deportes.