Eric Trump 'Comes Out' on TV, Later Says he is Not Gay; LGBTQ Community Tells Him to Go Away

President Donald Trump's second son Eric Trump said during a TV show that he was part of the LGBTQ community.

U.S. President Donald Trump's second son Eric Trump accidentally 'came out' on 'Fox and Friends' TV program on Tuesday morning not only shocking Republican supporters but also the LGBTQ community. But he understood the weight of his words only after the program was over and then affirmed that he was not bisexual. Nevertheless, LGBTQ community asked Eric to go away.

Appearing on the morning Fox News, in a hurry to establish the fact that LGBTQ community loved his father Donald Trump, Eric not only called the LGBTQ community incredible but also said that he was a part of that community.

Eric Trump Lara Trump
U.S. President Donald Trump's second son Eric Trump with his wife Lara Trump. Instagram

Eric Trump's Accidental Coming Out

"The LGBT community, they are incredible... You should see how they come out for my father, every single day. I'm part of that community and we love the man," Trump's son said. Soon, people from all walks of life including the gay community reacted to the 'coming out' of Eric. While activist Rob Gill wrote, "Go away Eric trump we don't want you," Journalist Erica Lenti stated, "We, the gay committee, have had an emergency meeting and we have rejected Eric Trump's application."

Soon, understanding the mistake, he affirmed that he was not a part of the LGBT community. He told The Post [News site] that what he really meant was that many of his close friends were part of the LGBT community. He also said that he was not bisexual. "As to me personally, as I think you know, I am a happily married man to my wife, Lara," Eric said. The Post also quoted a friend of the Trump family and said that Eric "misspoke" during the TV show.

Watch the clipping of Eric Trump in the Fox TV show:

Reality Behind LGBTQ Supporting Trump

Earlier, Trump himself too had tweeted Fox and Friends a report on a survey that 45 percent of gay men say they plan to vote for the president. This headline was shared despite it being debunked. This was about the results of the Hornet survey where facts were misrepresented in the report. Hornet had surveyed 10,000 users worldwide. But the report mentioned by Trump only took into consideration 1,200 Hornet users out of 10,000.

Among these 1,200 users, 45 percent had voted in favor of Trump, whereas 51 percent voted in support of Trump's rival Democratic candidate Joe Biden. According to a Hornet blog post, while considering the 10,000 people, the result showed that 66 percent voted in support of Biden while only 34 percent people had voted for Trump.

Here is how people reacted to Eric Trump's statement in the Fox morning show: