Eric Talley Wanted to be a Pilot; Airline Honors Officer Killed in Boulder Massacre

The Boulder massacre has left the whole nation shocked as 10 people including a police officer lost their lives in the gun attack. Hundreds of people lined up on the streets to pay their respects as officer Eric Talley's body was being transferred from the coroner's office to a funeral home in Aurora.

Chad Andrews, a pilot of SkyWest Airlines, announced on Twitter that Boulder victim Eric Talley wanted to be a pilot, but he was unable to make that dream a reality. Hence to help that dream take flight, Andrews dedicated the Denver-Nashville bound flight and its take-off to Eric Tally and the nine other victims, referring them to 'angles.'

"Just landed in Nashville. This was my PA announcement I made to the passengers before we left Denver. It was a beautiful flight, and it was humbling to have the thought of Officer Talley and the other nine angels with us the entire flight. Rest easy," wrote Andrews on his official Twitter handle after his flight landing.

Eric Talley
Eric Talley lost his life in Boulder shooting Instagram

Residents of Boulder turned out to pay their respects to the slain officer Eric Talley, who died trying to save people during the King Soopers grocery store shooting.

Who is Eric Talley?

Eric Talley, 51, was killed in the Boulder grocery store shooting on Monday afternoon. He was the first Boulder police officer to respond to the King Soopers massacre when he died trying to save others. The 11-year veteran had seven children, the youngest of whom is 7-years-old.

Talley's patrol vehicle on Wednesday was parked in front of the Boulder police station. Residents of the area mourned Talley's demise and stopped by throughout the day to put flowers, wreaths, cards and other items on top of his vehicle to honor his heroic efforts during his service.

Eric Talley
Eric Talley Boulder Police

Syrian Gunman Ahmad Al Issa

Police have identified the shooter at the Boulder grocery store as Ahmad Al Issa. The 21-year-old gunman was earlier linked with an FBI investigation. Police found him at the crime scene shirtless and wearing shorts. He was arrested, handcuffed and loaded on to an ambulance according to footage circulated online.

Ahmad Al Issa Boulder Colorado Shooting
Twitter / Boulder Police Dept

Reportedly, Ahmad Al Issa, who has been charged with 10 counts of first-degree murder, had previously convicted of misdemeanor assault against a student during his senior year at Arvada West High School in 2018. He later confessed to authorities that his act was triggered by ethnic insults he suffered in his life.