'Entitled' Travel Blogger Deletes Instagram Profile After Getting Roasted For Holding an Empty Parking Spot [VIDEO]

The influencer posted a video of herself holding an empty parking spot for a friend by standing in it and then accused an SUV driver of trying to run her over when she tried to park in the spot.

A video of a luxury travel blogger blocking a parking spot and then accusing a female driver of running her over when she tried to park in the empty spot is being widely circulated on social media.

Alexandra Rice, a luxury travel blogger who goes by the handle @travelingwithgusto on Instagram, shared the video of the incident, which took place in Newport, Rhode Island, on her Instagram page.

'Someone Tried to Run Me Over'

Alexandra Rice
Stills from the video shared by Alexandra Rice on Instagram Instagram

The video starts off with Rice talking into the camera, telling her followers that she was holding a parking spot for a friend when the SUV driver tried to run her over.

She added that she politely informed the driver that the parking spot was taken but "she didn't like that." "Back up! I'm not moving," Rice is heard saying to the SUV driverbefore she accelerates slowly towards Rice and parks the vehicle in the spot.

"You are the rudest f*cking person I have ever met," Rice tells the woman behind the wheel. The woman then exits the vehicle and responds with "sorry but that's not how it works." Rice then shared close-up shots of the woman and her license plate in an attempt to identify her.

'It Is What It Is'

In a follow-up video,Rice admitted that she shouldn't have been standing in the parking spot
but "it's a thing that happens." "Nobody likes it but I don't think it's illegal," she says before adding that her friend was driving around the block when she hopped out of the car to grab the parking spot.

"I don't think that that makes it less mine because I was standing and somebody else was in a car. My friend was right down the street coming to park," she added. "At the end of the day, someone should still not be trying to run me over with their car. It is what it is." The original video was reposted by @newportbuzz a local blog on their Instagram page. Watch it below:

Rice Deletes Instagram Profile Following Backlash on Social Media

The video instantly went viral on social media with users roasting her in the comments section. While some called her out over her entitled behavior others slammed her for doxxing the female driver on social media.

"It's a parking space not a standing space," wrote one user. "The driver was right about 'that's not how it works.' Take your entitlement elsewhere."

Alexandra Rice
Photos of Rice posted on her travel blog. travelingwithgusto.com

Meanwhile, another commented,"Parking spot drama aside you screamed at a complete stranger for parking her car, proceeded to video tape her, make her probably feel unsafe because she sat in her car for a few minutes, publicly shame her, and put her private information on social media for her to get some sort of backlash because you didn't get your way. Seriously?"

"You can't stand in a spot to hold it for someone," wrote yet another. "She's got a right to park wherever a spot is (legally) available and I don't think she was being aggressive at all. Have the good sense to get out of the way instead of trying to "hold your ground" in a parking spot to which you and your friend aren't even entitled."

In the wake of the backlash, Rice deleted her @travelingwithgusto Instagram profile as well as her personal account on the platform. Her travel blog that goes by travelingwithgusto.com has also been made private.