English DJ Sara Cox Mistakenly Ate Fried Dog Meat in South Korea?

British DJ Sara Cox told in a podcast that she mistakenly ate dog meat when she visited South Korea 20 years ago! Here is how South Korean netizens have reacted…

English broadcaster Sara Cox has revealed that she mistakenly had eaten fried dog meat when she was on a visit to Korea. This has made the Korean netizens furious who have called the claim a lie and termed Cox as 'British fanatic." Here is what happened.

DJ Sara Cox was speaking on Alan Carr's podcast Life's A Beach about an incident when she visited South Korea 20 years ago. Cox said: "I ate a little bit of dog by accident. I know! It is a weird [one]. I mean, I should say I would never ever went to actively eat dog on purpose."

Sara Cox
British broadcaster Sara Cox. Instagram

Dog Meat VS Chicken!

Cox said that she realised when she reached the elbow bone that it was not chicken. "But it was only when I got to the bone I realised it wasn't bone. It was kind of like an elbow. Coughing up the disc! It'll be in my lower intestine somewhere now," Cox said.

This has enraged South Koreans who have accused Cox of defaming Korea on purpose with her lies. Reacting to her comment, South Korean netizens stated that even they have never had fried dog meat their entire life. "Lol even the Koreans have never even heard of it. Where the heck did you even eat this," commented a netizen.

According to AllKpop, one netizen commented: "I think she was really trying to get attention by doing this but she found the wrong excuse. There is no fried dog meat in Korea, and even if there would be, they would not mix it in the chicken. Dog meat is much more expensive, and there's no restaurant owner in their right mind who would mix it in with chicken. Do some research..."

Defaming Korea?

Cox had even said, "It [dog meat] was in a fried chicken sort of bucket-style thing, mind you, that could happen anywhere." Reacting to this, netizens stated: "What nonsense. I've never even heard of fried dog meat in my entire life. Eating food that doesn't exist is only an illusion of memory or just fu**ing Korea."

Now 46-years-old Cox is said to have visited Seoul to pursue her modelling career when she was 19 years old. A report in Financial News stated that Cox had eaten gaegogi. But gae means dog and gogi means meat, this is not the name of a particular recipe or the name of any fried meat! Cox is an advocate of dog rescue. She recently took part in a 5k r to fundraise for the dogs and cats at Battersea.

It is true that though not a popular dish, dog meat was sold in South Korea in earlier times, but there is no mention of any dish [made of dog meat] that is similar to chicken fry. South Korea has banned killing dogs for meat in 2018.