Anti-dog Meat Advocate Marc Ching Accused of Paying To Kill Animals, Is It a Trap?

Reportedly Marc Ching Paid Butcher To Stage Killing of Dog In Indonesia

Reports claimed that anti-dog meat advocate Marc Ching, who has been hailed by Hollywood celebrities for his love for dogs, has been accused of paying to kill dogs and staging killings. Here is how Ching reacted to accusations of staging animal abuse.

Ching is also the owner of PetStaurant in Sherman Oaks, California. He is also the founder of the Animal Hope and Wellness Foundation. This foundation as Ching claims rescues dogs and raises awareness about the harsh realities of the dog meat trade.

Ching who was a criminal earlier turned to be an anti-dog meat advocate and was hailed by Hollywood actors including Moby, Alicia Silverstone and Shannen Doherty. He even got financial help from them for the cause of helping animals.

What Does The Claim Say?

A report in Los Angeles Times made claims that a fourth-generation nutritionist and herbalist considered as an anti- dog meat activist was staging killings of dogs. The report states he raised tens of thousands of dollars and used it for personal business interests, including staging killings of animals.

Marc Ching
Marc Ching, founder of Animal Hope and Wellness centre accused of animal abuse. He has refuted the claims.

The report explained a scenario and said that during one of Ching's fundraising campaigns at Tomohon in Indonesia, he had shown a dog being hung by a rope and burned in a market. The video also shows Ching saying the death was taking place in broad daylight while passersby ignored the dog's screams. LA Times claimed that it got in touch with the butcher who told that dogs are not burnt alive and that Ching had paid him to kill the animal.

Ching has refuted all claims against him and in his official page of Animal Hope and Wellness Foundation website he gave a clarification about the report on staging killings.

Marc Ching Reacts, Quotes Butcher

Explaining the situation he wrote that recently the Foundation was attacked by LA Times reporter with claims that dogs within the dog and cat meat trade were not tortured and that his documentation was staged.

About the Indonesian episode, Ching said that he had hired a film crew to shoot a documentary film on the trade. In one of the recorded tapes of b-roll the crew was discussing about recreating a scene where a dog is hung and then it is cut down. The discussion of recreating the scene took place as this act had authentically taken place months before their rescue trip.

Ching claimed that the shot was never recreated. Instead he said that one of the butchers who stated dogs are never burnt alive, and claimed that he had staged a burning video in Tomohon, had given them an interview in 2016 that is recorded where the butcher says he kills 100 dogs a day - 50 dead, 50 alive.