EmTech Asia 2018 wraps up with AI, IoT, space discussions [PHOTOS]

EmTech Asia 2018 Day 2
EmTech Asia delegates checking out the various booths on display EmTech Asia

The second and final day of EmTech Asia 2018 on Wednesday in Singapore wrapped with respected speakers from the field of artificial intelligence, Internet of Things, space and aerospace. The 10 Innovators under 35 were formally introduced, of which are seven Singaporeans.

Oriol Vinyals, a research scientist at Google DeepMind, discussed reinforcement learning, an area of machine learning inspired by behaviorist psychology where software agents are expected to respond to an environment accordingly to maximize some notion of a cumulative reward. On top of that, Vinyals also gave inputs on the developments of AlphaGo, DeepMind's computer program that plays the board game Go.

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Tong Zhang, executive director at Tencent AI Lab, presented the latest breakthroughs from the Chinese conglomerate's laboratories. A panel of experts from various organizations, including SpaceX and Gilmour Space Technologies, also sat to share their thoughts on the new frontiers in space and aerospace innovation.

The conference did not end without formally introducing the game-changers in science and technology. A ceremony was held to honor MIT Technology Review's 10 Innovators under 35 Asia. The list includes seven honorees from Singapore.

Tony Zhang - EmTech Asia 2018
Tencent AI Lab executive director Tony Zhang at the EmTech Asia 2018 conference EmTech Asia
Oriol Vinyals - EmTech Asia 2018
Google DeepMind research scientist Oriol Vinyals at the EmTech Asia 2018 conference EmTech Asia
Space and aerospace panel EmTech Asia 2018
The panel on New Frontiers in Space and Aerospace Innovation (L-R): Jonathan Hung, president, Singapore Space and Technology Association; Adam Gilmour, CEO, Gilmour Space Technologies; Daniel Hastings, CEO and director, Singapore-MIT Alliance for Research and Technology; Shana Diez, director of Build Reliability, SpaceX; and Olivier de Weck, senior vice president for Technology Planning and Roadmapping, Airbus Group EmTech Asia
10 Innovators under 35 Asia
Ceremony honoring MIT Technology Review's 10 Innovators Under 35 Asia EmTech Asia

This article was first published on February 1, 2018
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