Singapore: EmTech Asia 2018 brings together innovators to focus on advancements [PHOTOS]

EmTech Asia 2018
Over 700 like-minded individuals sharing the innovation bug attended the first day of EmTech Asia EmTech Asia

EmTech Asia 2018, the world's most anticipated conference on emerging technologies, has officially opened on Tuesday at Marina Bay Sands Expo and Convention Centre in Singapore. From innovation, augmented and virtual reality, and commercialization to building future cities, bioengineering and medicine, quantum computing and security, and consumer internet, the annual two-day event seeks to present the new technological developments that matter.

Attended by more than 50 leaders and innovators and 700 participants around the world, the event this year's zeroes in on four key themes: Digital Economy, Industry 4.0, Future of Humanity, and Rewriting Life.

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On the first day, trends and impact of different topic areas were presented by the likes of Paul Smith of Hyperloop One, Steve Leonard of SGInnovate, and Vivienne Ming of Socos Labs.

On Wednesday, the conference will continue with sessions for the discussion on artificial intelligence where presenters include Tong Zhang, executive director at Tencent AI Lab, Oriol Vinyals, a research scientist at Google Deepmind, and Bill Dally, chief scientist at NVIDIA.

Other highlights include sessions on automation in the electronic manufacturing industry, developments in our world facing the 10 billion population challenge, and the new frontiers in the in space and aerospace innovation. To cap off the conference, a ceremony to honor the Innovators under 35 will be held after the sessions.

Hyperloop One's Paul Smith EmTech Asia 2018

At the "Enabling Competitive Asian Economies with Hyperloop One" by Paul Smith, Business Development and Field Operations. He discussed how this new technology they are developing will have a big impact on the transport system in Asia in terms of efficiency and energy conservation (Photo: EmTech Asia)

Steve Leonard - EmTech Asia 2018

Bridging the Deep Tech Gap: From Research to Commercialisation by Steve Leonard, Founding CEO, SGInnovate at EmTech Asia 2018 (Photo: EmTech Asia).

EmTech Asia 2018

The 360 dome and Tag Team Mixes Reality booths at the EmTech Asia 2018 exhibition (Photo: EmTech Asia).

Vivienne Ming - EmTech Asia 2018

Vivienne Ming on Maximising Human Potential in the age of AI: "Humans fail not because they can't do the job but because we are failing to equip them with the needed skills. The world is moving faster and will never be this slow. We have to build people for uncertainty." (Photo: EmTech Asia 2018).

This article was first published on January 31, 2018