The Walking Dead season 10 mid-season premiere spoilers: What to expect in episode 9?

Season 10 of The Walking Dead is currently on a long hiatus and the ninth episode, titled Squeeze, is scheduled to air on February 23

The Walking Dead fans will have to wait for little more than two weeks to watch a new episode of season 10. The mid-season premiere episode of this horror thriller series is titled Squeeze and it is scheduled to air on February 23. The official synopsis and promo videos of episode 9 are already out and they tease some creepy scenes.

The viewers of this popular AMC series can look forward to watch the main antagonist, Alpha, becoming more powerful and the possible sacrifices the collective communities will have to make for silencing the Whisperers. The series has already teased some heartbreaking scenes in the upcoming episode through its official Twitter page.

When a follower of the drama series raised a question about the exit of Danai Gurira's character – Michonne, the official Twitter account for The Walking Dead replied with emojis of loud cry and a relieved face. This means that the viewers can look forward to certain happy scenes while expecting some heartbreaking sequences in the upcoming episode.

Here is the official synopsis for Squeeze: The official synopsis of mid-season premiere episode states that the collected communities are reluctantly respecting the new borderlines being imposed on them.

Check out what showrunner Angela Kang has to say about episode 9

The Walking Dead
The Walking Dead season 10 will be back with a new episode on February 23. Facebook/The Walking Dead

According to Kang, the upcoming episode will focus on Whisperer War with an added twist. "The Whisperers are not your normal group. They're not behind walls somewhere. You can't just go knock on their door and have guns pointed at their gates. That's not them," the showrunner said during an interview with Deadline.

"We're playing with the expectations of are they even where they say they are at any given time. They're migratory. Our Survivors don't know if they're going to see them come. We want to set up that the conflict with Whisperers is not going to be like the conflicts we've had with other groups that are safe behind walls," Kang added.

To know more about the mid-season premiere episode of The Walking Dead season 10, viewers will have to wait till February 23. Until then, they can catch up with the first eight episodes of the horror-thriller online here.