Empire season 6 episode 13 live stream details: Episode 14 'I Am Who IAm' spoilers

Cookie could come clean and Andre might end up doing something terrible in the upcoming episode of Empire season 6, titled Come Undone

Cookie will seek an advice from Lucious in Empire season 6 episode 13, titled Come Undone. The chapter is scheduled to air on Fox channel this Tuesday, March 17, at 9pm EST. In the upcoming episode, viewers can also look forward to see Andre continuing to move on with his evil doings under the influence of Kinsley.

The followers of this musical drama series will probably get to know a lot about the character portrayed by Taraji P Henson. She has been hiding several secrets from her family members and loved ones, including her sisters. This week, she wants to tell a long buried secret to her sisters and the character seeks Lucious advice.

The promo for episode 13 shows Cookie asking Lucious if she should tell her sisters everything or she should just keep it a secret. "I don't wanna live with anymore secrets or lies," she says and her former husband advices her to come clean. The video ends with a close-up shot of Cookie telling someone, "There is something you need to know".

Here is the official synopsis for 'Come Undone':

Cookie continues to keep her secret from her sisters, but Lucious feels she needs to come clean in order to move forward. When Treasure is unable to perform at the upcoming showcase, Becky suggests that Yana take the spot, but Lucious feels she's not ready. Meanwhile, Giselle struggles with keeping her family secret from Julian, Maya sets her sights on her own recording deal and Andre's actions put Quincy in a very bad situation.

Empire season 6 returns on March 2. Facebook/Empire

What's up with Andre?

His relationship with Kinsley is becoming so intense that he doesn't even realise the things that he is doing. The viewers will get to see more of it in the upcoming episode that will probably tease the answer to a long awaited question – who tries to kill Cookie and Lucious?

How to watch Empire season 6 episode 13 live online?

To know more about' Come Undone', the followers of the show in the US will have to watch the upcoming episode of this musical drama series on FOX this Tuesday, March 10, at 9 pm EST. The show will also be streamed on laptops or smartphones through the official website or the app for FOX.

People in the UK and other parts of the world, including India, China, Singapore, Thailand, Brazil, Mexico, Russia Canada, Australia and the Middle East, will have to wait a little longer to watch the episode online.

Check out the official synopsis for Empire season 6 episode 14 'I Am Who I Am' below:

While on a road trip, Cookie, Candace and Carol take a painful trip down memory lane, shedding light on their childhood and exposing heartbreaking secrets from the past. Lucious uses something special from the past to help give Yana (guest star Kiandra Richardson) her big break. Meanwhile, Maya hatches a scheme to generate more buzz for the "Birth of an Empire" movie and Teri becomes increasingly more fearful of Andre.