Elvis Presley's ghost is still restless, claims popular ghost hunter

elvis presley
Wikimedia Commons

Barri Ghai, a popular ghost hunter who appears in the television show 'Help My House Is Haunted' has sensationally claimed that there is something troubling about the spirit of Elvis Presley. In an exclusive talk with Daily Star Online, Barri Ghai ruled out the possibility of Elvis Presley being alive but admitted that the King of Rock and Roll is another spirit that keeps coming forward.

"Elvis Presley is another spirit that keeps coming forward. Someone said that they're communicating using instrumental trans-communication, which is basically using radio frequencies to allow spirits to communicate. Elvis is definitely long gone, the whole conspiracy theories that he is still alive is like Tupac – no. But his spirit, seemingly, is not at rest," Barri Ghai told Daily Star.

Barri Ghai made it clear that the spirit of Elvis Presley is somewhere out there. The paranormal investigator revealed that the King is trying to communicate with many people all around.

"He wants to communicate, he's there, he's giving messages to loved ones as well as many other celebrities," added Barri Ghai.

This is not the first time that people are talking about the mysteries surrounding Elvis Persley's death. Since his death in 1977, many conspiracy theorists have alleged that the musician has faked his death, and is alive. A section of other conspiracy theorists argued that they have seen the soul of Persley several times, and some of them even put forward photographic evidence to substantiate their theories.

The new revelation from Barri Ghai comes just a few weeks after a self-proclaimed time traveller revealed about Tupac's death faking to escape from the clutches of Illuminati. In the video, Noah, the man who claimed to have travelled across time reveals that many elite people including top-rated world leaders are part of this secret society. The time traveller also claimed that he received this secret information after talking with some people who are very closely associated with the legendary rapper.

This article was first published on August 6, 2018