Elon Musk's Bold Move: Auctioning Twitter's Iconic Blue Bird logo and other Memorabilia Amid Rebranding

Collaborating with Heritage Global Partners, the esteemed auction house, the initial bids have been established at a base of $25.

In a daring move that follows the rebranding of Twitter as 'X', technology magnate Elon Musk has unveiled plans for an auction showcasing an array of cherished memorabilia that pays homage to the iconic blue bird emblem, which was once synonymous with the former identity of the social media behemoth.

Elon Musk's decision to put up Twitter memorabilia for auction signifies his resolute efforts to create distance between the platform and its previous manifestation. Collaborating with Heritage Global Partners, the esteemed auction house, the initial bids have been established at a base of $25.

The Heritage Auction Spanning a remarkable 584 listings, the auction encompasses an eclectic array of items that once held integral roles within Twitter's physical and digital domain. However, at the heart of this collection stands the renowned blue bird logo.

The successful bidder is obligated to enlist an authorized SF Licensed Company with the requisite "permits" to facilitate its removal. The listing stipulates, "The bird is currently affixed to the building's façade. The buyer is responsible for enlisting an SF Licensed Company with the necessary permits," as indicated in the listing.

Twitter logo
Twitter logo. (Photo: Twitter/@Twitter) IANS

More Than Office Artifacts The inventory for the auction goes beyond mere office relics, encompassing a vibrant assortment of items that capture the very essence of Twitter's days gone by.

From the Twitter Bird Wooden Coffee Table to the Hashtag Marquee Light, this diverse selection mirrors the multifaceted impact of the platform. A nostalgic touch is injected with the inclusion of a painting that immortalizes Ellen DeGeneres's record-breaking Oscar selfie from 2014, a moment that briefly overwhelmed the platform due to its popularity.

This marks Elon Musk's second instance of auctioning Twitter-related artifacts within the year. In January, he orchestrated the sale of a bird statue and other office paraphernalia. Notably, the bird statue commanded an astounding $100,000, underscoring the fervent interest surrounding these relics despite the company's concurrent series of staff reductions.

Elon Musk

As the 'Twitter Rebranding: Online Auction Featuring Memorabilia, Art, Office Assets & More!' prepares for its launch on September 12, enthusiasts, collectors, and spectators will undoubtedly be closely attuned, bearing witness to the transformation of these artifacts into esteemed symbols of a new epoch in the annals of social media history.

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