Is Elon Musk an Anti-Vaxxer? SpaceX CEO and His Family Won't Take Coronavirus Vaccine

The co-founder of Neuralink, Elon Musk blasts at Bill Gates, and calls the Microsoft co-founder 'knucklehead'

Everyone knows how Coronavirus can affect internal organs like the lungs, heart, and even brain, but still, as per surveys conducted in countries such as the US and France, 14 to 26 percent of people said that they would not take a vaccine. Even SpaceX founder Elon Musk recently said that he will not take the jab. But what is the reason? Can't we trust a vaccine, even if it is proved safe and effective?

The billionaire Musk said neither he nor his family would take the shot of a COVID-19 vaccine even if it was readily available. He made the recent comments regarding the Coronavirus vaccine during a Monday appearance on a podcast, "Sway", by the New York Times. Musk told the host of the show that "I am not at risk, neither are my kids."

Elon Musk
Elon Musk Wont take COVID-19 vaccine Instagram/ elonmusk

'Everybody dies'

While talking about the nationwide lockdown, the founder of The Boring Company Musk, who previously referred it as "unethical" and "de facto house arrest," said that widespread lockdowns were a mistake and only people who are at risk of catching the Coronavirus should be put under quarantine "until the storm passes."

When the host of the podcast Kara Swisher criticized Musk's suggestion and said that people could potentially die in the process, the billionaire said "Everybody dies."

Then, he went on emphasizing the supposed ridiculousness of the quarantine measures and said that his California based aerospace manufacturer, as well as space transportation services company, SpaceX "didn't skip a day" throughout the entire COVID-19 pandemic.

"We had national security clearance because we were doing national security work. We sent astronauts to the Space Station and back," he added.

Another Attack on Bill Gates

elon musk and Bill Gates
Elon Musk calls Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates a ‘knucklehead’ Twitter

In August, Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates on his blog offered his insight on the future of transportation during the climate crisis. But his comments on electric trucks led the co-founder of Neuralink Musk to make a comment on Twitter, saying that Gates "has no clue" what he was talking about.

In July, during a CNBC interview Gates claimed that Musk did not know much about vaccines. He also said he hoped that the aerospace company boss "doesn't confuse areas he is not involved in too much."

During the recent podcast, while giving a reply to Gates' comments, Musk told Swisher that "Gates said something about me not knowing what I was doing. It is like, 'Hey, knucklehead, we actually make the vaccine machines for CureVac, that company you are invested in,'"—referring to the fact that Tesla manufactures equipment for CureVac, which is a German biharmonical firm. Musk also noted that he works closely with the Harvard epidemiology team which is currently working on novel Coronavirus antibody studies.

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