Elites building giant bunker in Denver airport to save themselves from nuke apocalypse

Trees surround the entrance of a former Regional Government HQ Nuclear bunker built by the British government during the Cold War which has come up for sale in Ballymena, Northern Ireland on February 4, 2016. It is owned by the Office of Northern Ireland's First Minister and Deputy First Minister and capable of accommodating 236 personnel for extended periods. A large range of the original fixtures and fittings are to be included in the sale. It is believed to be one of the most technically advanced bunkers built in the UK with an array of advanced life support systems. In the event of a nuclear attack, the building could operate in a shut-down capacity for 30 days. The lower floor is completely underground and the upper floor is mounded over with 1 cubic metre of earth. Reuters Representational image

A survival expert in the US has sensationally claimed that Global Elites alias the New World Order is building a strong underground bunker in the Denver airport to save themselves from a nuclear apocalypse which may happen in the near future. Robert Vicino, head of the survival firm Vivos said that the increased budget used to build this airport despite the presence of an airport nearby is a clear cut evidence of something fishy happened during the construction.

Elites trying to safeguard themselves from nuclear apocalypse?

"There are plenty of bread crumbs that do lead to the very high probability that there is a massive government underground bunker beneath the Denver Airport. Sometimes, you need to look at the missing evidence to see the truth," said Robert Vicino, Daily Star reports.

Vicino added that suspicion regarding Denver airport is increasing over the course of time as the government has never denied the allegations surrounding its construction. He revealed that the airport is built with a mammoth budget of $2 billion, and it is twice the size of Manhattan.

"During construction, it was said that the reason it went over budget was because buildings were buried, including a baggage system that apparently never worked. Nobody spends billions on an underground building only to then cover it up and claim it doesn't work or was built in the wrong location," added the survival expert.

Robert Vicino argues that no satellite imagery is showing images of Denver airport in high resolution, and it is because something confidential is going on in this area.

Mysteries of Denver airport continues...

Ever since it was opened in 1995, Denver airport has been the hottest talking topic among conspiracy theorists, and the mysteries regarding its construction still baffles many. With weird decor and creepy arts, the airport remains a mysterious site where many questions remain unanswered.

A group of conspiracy theorists claims that the runway of this airport is made in the shape of Swastika which indicates its connection with freemasons and Nazis. There is a giant red horse named Mustang in front of this airport, and it fell on its sculptor Luis Jimenez finally resulting in his death.

Some people believe that there is a giant underground passage which connects White House with the underground bunker in Denver airport, and there is even a train running through this path.

This article was first published on March 26, 2018