Elephant Head on Mars? This Taiwanese Researcher Says Aliens Had Once Roamed Red Planet

The Taiwanese researcher claims that the elephant head spotted on Mars could be a sculpture made by aliens

elephant head on mars
Alleged elephant head spotted on mars ET Data Base

It was around a few days back that NASA sent its Perseverance Rover to Mars. The ultimate aim of this milestone mission is to discover traces of ancient alien life that might have once thrived on the Red Planet. However, self-styled Taiwanese researcher Scott C Waring believes that he has already found evidence of life on Mars, not once, but a hundred times. Waring has spotted several anomalies on NASA images taken from Mars, and his followers strongly believe that the United States space agency is intentionally covering up all the facts surrounding the existence of alien life.

Elephant Head Spotted on Mars?

Now, Waring has claimed to have discovered the head of an elephant on Mars. In his recent website post, Waring argues that the elephant head is actually a sculpture made by aliens that once roamed across the Red Planet. Waring also claimed that he is spotting elephant head on Mars for the second time.

"I found another elephant on Mars...yes you heard me correct. I found a head of an elephant carved into stone on a hillside. The elephant has features not only of an elephant but of a young elephant. This elephant and the one I found last year both have the exact same features including a defining one...small tiny ears. Yes that's important because it means there may be a relation to elephants on earth," wrote Waring on his website ET Data Base.

Waring Continues to Face Criticism

Even though Waring's finding has convinced his followers who strongly believe in the existence of alien life on the earth, skeptics, as always, have dismissed the claims made by the Taiwanese researcher. These skeptics assure that the findings made by Waring are absolutely pointless, and they made it clear that these are all classic cases of pareidolia where the human brain will form recognizable images on unknown patterns.

How NASA Defines Pareidolia

Several researchers were misled previously due to the phenomenon of pareidolia. From dark eyes in the galaxy to the woman walking on Mars, pareidolia continues to perplex alien hunters. When it comes to Mars, rocks which have weird shape are often misinterpreted as alien beings roaming across the Red Planet.

"Pareidolia is the psychological phenomenon where people see recognizable shapes in clouds, rock formations, or otherwise unrelated objects or data," defines NASA on their website.

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