Did this Researcher Just Spot a 20-Meter-Tall Alien in Antarctica? 

Waring strongly assured that this alien figure could be concrete proof of extraterrestrial existence in Antarctica.

Alien figure
ET Data Base/Pixabay

Conspiracy theorists have long been alleging that Antarctica is a region on Earth shrouded with mysteries, and they believe that aliens are secretly living in this land of ice. Adding up the heat to these seemingly unbelievable theories, a self-proclaimed researcher has claimed to have discovered evidence of alien life in Antarctica.

20-Meter Alien in Antarctica?

This bizarre discovery is being made by Scott C Waring, a UFO hunter who is currently operating from Taiwan. In his recent website post, Waring claimed to have spotted an extraterrestrial being that is 20 meters tall in Antarctica. The researcher also revealed that he made this discovery using Google Maps, and shared the coordinates (72°32'26.35"S 31°19'17.86"E) where this creature can be found.

Waring also wrote that he has found a doorway in the icy caps, and he believes that it could be most probably an entrance to a secret base.

"Google ruler says this figure is 20 meters tall. Google's ruler also says the entrance to the cave is 22 meters tall. That seems to fit well. Now a 20-meter tall alien would surprise a lot of people, but honestly, what does size have to do with intelligence? Nothing I would think. Reports of aliens 4-5 meters tall have come out of Russia in the past and giant skeletons of human-like creatures have been found many times. This photo was taken by a satellite, an object with no bias, no agenda, no care except to record what it sees," wrote Waring on his website ET Data Base.

Alien Enthusiasts Convinced, Skeptics Not

Waring also uploaded a video to YouTube detailing his findings, and followers of the conspiracy theorist who watched this clip are pretty much convinced that the Taiwanese researcher has discovered an alien in Antarctica.

"Wow! Unbelievable. Maybe a guardian of sorts! I believe there is something very valuable and ancient there!" commented Tony Pait, a YouTube user.

"There seem to be stairs, a trail, or a path leading towards that figure. I'm not sure if it's a person/alien but it's something odd," commented Armah The Trainer, another YouTuber.

However, skeptics claim that Waring's discovery has nothing to do with aliens. According to these skeptics, the seemingly humanoid structure is nothing but rock partially uncovered from the snow. These skeptics assured that pareidolia is misleading Waring, and this phenomenon is making him see familiar images on unknown patterns.

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