Egypt confirms first case of Coronavirus in the continent of Africa

  • Underdeveloped countries are more prone to heavy damage according to experts

  • The person has been hospitalized and quarantined

The first case of coronavirus has been detected in a foreign national in Egypt. This is the first confirmed case in the African continent. The Health Ministry confirmed the reports and said that the person did not show any serious signs of the coronavirus.

The officials were able to confirm the case because of a follow-up program implemented by the government which would track travellers arriving from countries that had reported cases of the Covid-19. The ministry spokesperson did not confirm the person's identity of where the person is from. the statement by the ministry said that the person has been hospitalized and is in isolation.

Wuhan Coronavirus
Twitter / Ed Leon Klinger

Continued developments of the Covid-19

According to WHO, no one in the continent had been suspected to have the disease officially named Covid-19. WHO Egypt confirmed the case in the country via Twitter. Several experts believe that the underdeveloped nations in Asia and Africa could be at risk if the coronavirus spreads in the region.

It is not known whether any possible transmission happened because of the person infected in Egypt. Since the person did not show any sign of the symptoms it is hard to tell whether any possible transmission has happened.

Cancellation of events

Due to the rising challenge of containing the disease several shows and events have been cancelled. On a recent note, Facebook announced that they will be cancelling the Global Marketing Summit which was supposed to be held in San Francisco over the concerns of the spreading coronavirus.

The coronavirus concerns are doubled in the US after several cases of influenza popped up in the country. There have been reports of pediatric deaths in the country because of influenza. In the US people with flu-like symptoms are also being checked for the coronavirus.

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