Earthquake Warning: Dutch Researcher Assures Rise In Seismic Activities in the First Half of June

Hoogerbeets strongly believe that electromagnetic waves that sweep through the solar system will cause earthquakes on earth

Frank Hoogerbeets is now a known name among conspiracy theorists, as several earthquake predictions made by this self-proclaimed seismic researcher have turned true in the recent months. Now, Hoogerbeets has claimed that the first two weeks of June will witness a rise in seismic activities.

In his recent website post, Hoogerbeets revealed that a critical planetary alignment will cause a drastic rise in seismic activities. The earthquake researcher also made it clear that some of the earthquakes which will hit the planet in the coming days could exceed a magnitude of 7 M on the Richter scale.

Hoogerbeets Earthquake Predictions Going Viral

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Hoogerbeets also urged people living in earthquake-prone areas to adopt sufficient precautionary measures against unexpected seismic activities. "A convergence of critical geometry will cause high lunar peaks in the first two weeks of June. This may result in more increased seismic activity. Be sure to have a quake plan in place if you are in a prone area," wrote Hoogerbeets on his website Ditrianum.

How Hoogerbeets is Predicting Earthquakes?

On his website, Hoogerbeets has several times revealed that he is not a conspiracy theorist, and all he does is educating the people regarding the role of planetary alignments in determining seismic activities on earth. According to Hoogerbeets, he is doing an advanced system named SSGI (Solar System Geometry Index) to predict earthquakes.

Hoogerbeets believe that during certain planetary alignments and critical lunar geometry, electromagnetic waves will sweep through the solar system and it could destabilize the tectonic plates on earth, thus causing a rise in earthquakes.

However, seismic scientists argue that most of the Hoogerbeets' predictions that turned true are mere coincidences, as no current technology on earth is capable to predict earthquakes with such precision. These seismic experts also assure that planetary alignments have no impact on elevating seismic activities on earth.